Megan McArdle Nails How Elitism Works In A “Democracy”

Megan McArdle wrote a post today arguing that Congress is not going to experience the same version of Obamacare as the rest of us. What does seem likely is that they will not have the experience that ordinary people have. For one thing, those who buy on the exchange are having their premiums heavily subsidized by the federal employment system. For another, as the New York Times reports, whatever exchange they’re on will make damn sure that whatever the problems regular folks encounter, Congressmen Read more […]

Barack Obama, The Coward Using Our Children

I thought the “NRA Attack Ad” (as the media calls it) made a great point. But USAToday recently reported on the White House response made an even better point: showing us what kind of self-worshiping elitists the populace of the United States is forced to fight against. The NRA TV advertisement presented the fact that Obama didn’t think much of setting up armed guards at the nation’s schools. Yet he and those like him had tax-payer funded armed protection for themselves and for their children. Read more […]