Trayvon, The Lawyers, And The Doom Of Emotionalism

The response from the Left, but more specifically from blacks, over the past 16 months since the shooting of 17-year-old malcontent Trayvon Martin has been one purely of emotion. I like what his shooter’s defense attorney, Mark O’Mara, had to say to the press after the reading of the verdict: “This ‘in your heart’ kind of stuff, that’s not what we’re supposed to do….” All evidence and testimony, even that from Trayvon’s friend and “star” witness Rachel Jeantel, gave credence Read more […]

Libs Admit Pandering To Emotions In Latest “War On Women” Farce

The so-called war on women came into existence via the Democratic Party; let’s make that perfectly clear. There was no war on women until Democrats created it, or at least created the illusion of it. Any protests against the notion of there being a war on women was, they claimed, further evidence that the war was real, a lose-lose situation for Republicans: accept it and be a sexist for doing so, or deny it and be a sexist for doing so. It was a remarkably effective strategy of the Democrats in Read more […]