Inventing Rights for Retail Workers Is a Bad Idea

Retail workers can be mistreated, but so can employers. Inventing rules often does more harm than good. I completely understand that working a retail job can be frustrating. Employers can treat you badly. I have children working retail and I doubt I have many illusions of how things can go wrong. But acknowledging problems does not automatically mean that one knows how to fix them. Thus we find in San Francisco is now the country’s first jurisdiction to limit how chain Read more […]

Illinois Governor Issues Administrative Order Banning Employers Asking Job Applicants About Felonies

I was always taught that if I committed a felony, it would affect my entire life.  I would lose my privilege to vote, to obtain a number of professional licenses, to hold many jobs and the right to bear arms.  Committing a felony is serious and needs to be treated as such. In our growing liberal society, convicted felons are having some of the consequences of their actions removed.  Some states are now allowing them to vote in elections.  Now, one very liberal Democratic governor has taken Read more […]