Surprise! Another Green Energy Hurts the Environment

A green energy source is finally being held accountable for killing endangered animals. We have already posted more than once about how Ethanol is an energy and environmental disaster. But the most recent news about a “green” energy source comes from the Obama Administration itself. They are admitting that the energy they have encouraged is problematic because they are prosecuting energy companies for alleged crimes. In this case, the energy source is wind farms. The Daily Caller reports, Read more […]

Feds: Wolverines Are An Endangered Species Due To Global Warming

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed a rule that would allow wolverines to be added to the endangered species list on the basis of protecting them not from some other predator, but from “climate change.” So, I guess global warming is the predator, and since humans cause global warming, we’re the real predator. The proposal stated:  “In this proposed listing rule, we identified several risk factors for the wolverine DPS (Distinct Population Segment) that, in concert with climate Read more […]