House Votes to Cut Food Stamps, Dodges Real Problem

The House, in a mostly partisan vote, approved a bill Thursday to cut $4 billion per year from the food stamp program. The 217-210 vote was opposed by Democrats and a few Republicans. The bill aims to save the money, which amounts to about a 5 percent reduction in funding, by including new work requirements, putting limits on how long single people without children can receive food stamps, and implementing drug testing of program participants. Majority leader Eric Cantor said that the program, Read more […]

New York Schools Drop First Lady’s Lunch Program

Michelle Obama’s school lunch program isn’t winning many fans among the nation’s students or their  parents. In fact, another school district recently decided to drop the federal menu plans after numerous complaints from students that they were left hungry and didn’t like most of the food options. Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake School District in New York said that it lost about $100,000 this year by trying out the federal program because the children disliked the menu choices and started bringing Read more […]

Record Number of Workers On Disability

In December 1968, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 65,630,000 Americans working full time jobs.  In that year, 1,295,428 Americans were collecting disability payments.  That meant that there were about 51 people working full time jobs for every person on disability. In January 1997, there were 104,900,000 Americans working full time jobs and 4,385,374 on disability.  That meant that there were only 24 people working full time jobs for every person on disability. In Read more […]

Detroit Councilwoman Demands Obama Bail City Out Because They Voted for Him

America grew on the concept of sink or swim.  When it came to running any kind of business, you either found a way to make it work or you closed your doors.  Through that process, many strong companies were created and these companies employed lots of people who then bought homes, cars and fed their families.  Cities did the same thing.  There are numerous empty old ghost towns that couldn’t survive so they too closed their doors and everyone moved away. Now we have become a nation of handouts Read more […]

Credit Downgrades, Retirement Savings Confiscation, and the coming Entitlement

That will never happen! They can’t do that! It’s unconstitutional! These are always the first reactions to predictions of future legislation where by our federal government proposes to steal our money while pretending to help the masses. Americans had better come to terms with the fact that the Obama Administration is one election away from the confiscation of retirement savings and Democrat loyalists all over America are gleefully waiting for the next round of Obama income redistribution. If Read more […]

A Sleeping Citizenry Will Be Our Death

News arrived last Thursday that welfare spending has jumped 32 percent under Barack Obama’s presidency. Welfare, which encompasses spending on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Section 8 housing, and food stamps, was accorded approximately $1.03 trillion in 2011. It was the single largest expenditure that year, and one that America simply cannot afford. From 2008 to 2011, food-stamp spending alone increased 71 percent. Why, when the current administration, via the Department of Agriculture, Read more […]