Without the Federal Government Who Would Exploit the Mentally Disabled in Gun Stings?

Some amazing investigative journalism from The Milwaukee Journal! Imagine hearing about a business that convinced a mentally ill teen to get a tattoo on his neck that advertised for the business—gave him $150 to mark up his body for commercial purposes. That actually happened in Portland Oregon at Squid’s Smoke Shop—except it wasn’t a private business. The BATF ran a fake establishment in order to make firearm arrests. Mentally disabled Aaron Key discovered the truth when he went Read more […]

Government Manufactures “Occupy Wall Street” Terrorism

I hate Occupy Wall Street, but I guess I don’t hate them enough. I don’t hate them enough to find clowns planning vandalism and talk them into using C-4 explosives so they can be busted as terrorists using WMD. Over the years the Department of Homeland Security has issued warnings against “homegrown terrorism.” They’ve warned of “anarchists” and others, people who believe the Federal Reserve is a bad thing that hurts the United States and who have Ron Paul bumper stickers on their Read more […]

Another FBI-Assisted Terrorist Attack Thwarted By the FBI

A 21-year-old Bangladeshi national was arrested Wednesday for trying to blow up the Federal Reserve building in New York. But that’s hardly the whole story. The would-be bomber Nafis came to this country in January of this year, and the FBI started monitoring him in July when he tried to make contact with another aspiring terrorist on the internet. This other aspiring terrorist was an undercover FBI agent. For the next 4 months, the FBI helped him plan and coordinate a terrorist attack that Read more […]