EPA: Too Many Black People Will Soon Be Cooking Food in Africa unless We Stop Them

The EPA is claiming that black people having children are a threat to the climate and our environment. Thanks go to Infowars because their video showed up in my Twitter feed and sent me looking for the story: The US environmental protection agency is going to spend $1.5 million of your tax payer dollars on a stove intervention in Africa. Suddenly the cooking method humans have been using for millennia is now an existential threat. Meanwhile, the President will be flying to the arctic to lecture Read more […]

National Black Chamber of Commerce: EPA Rules Will Impoverish Minorities

The National Black Chamber of Commerce wants to know how minorities will be able to afford energy after EPA regs spike prices. I realize that Liberals will probably scoff at the National Black Chamber of Commerce as a “conservative” organization. But they never care about bias when they get support from Liberal black organizations. Besides, their statement is just common sense. Poor people will be devastated when energy prices are forced upward. But another factor will be jobs. If power Read more […]

EPA and Sierra Club Communicated through Private Email on How to Destroy Coal

Hillary Clinton is not the only one in government who has been using an unofficial private email account for government work. Guess who “helped” the Environmental Protection Agency develop rules to destroy regulate coal? According to the Daily Beacon: “Top EPA Official Used Personal Email Address to Solicit Green Group’s Input.” A high-level official at the Environmental Protection Agency used a personal email address to collaborate with a left-wing environmental group on major greenhouse Read more […]

EPA Wants to Punish You for Summer Cookouts

Summer cookouts need to get much more regulated and expensive; the EPA has a plan. It won’t be long until celebrating the Fourth of July outdoors will become cost prohibitive. What the EPA is doing to classic American summer cookouts sounds like one of Remy’s raps. (If you haven’t watched that short video yet, you are missing a treat. No pun intended. I posted the video at the end of this post. Paul Bedard wrote about this at the Washington Examiner: “Backyard burger and wiener Read more […]

Will Mitch McConnell Help Save Coal?

The Senator is using his office to organize a resistance movement to save coal from the Environmental Protection Agency. The best part of this strategy is that Senator Mitch McConnell is appealing to states’ rights and sovereignty over against the overreaching grasp of the executive branch of the Federal Government. The New York Times reports, On Thursday, Mr. McConnell sent a detailed letter to every governor in the United States laying out a carefully researched legal argument as to why Read more […]

Judge Condemns the EPA but Leaves It Unpunished

The judge condemns the EPA for mistreating conservatives, but what will stop them from doing so again? The EPA has been egregiously violating the law regarding Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests by “slow walking” requests from conservative groups. One such group, the Landmark Legal Foundation, sued the EPA. The verdict is in. The judge has declared Landmark to be in the right and the EPA to be in the wrong. As the Washington Times reports, “Judge rules EPA lied about transparency, Read more […]

Liberals Defend Secret Science for EPA

Why is Congress considering a bill to outlaw the EPA from using secret science as the basis of their regulations? Because we live in an insane dictatorship. We live in a country where the President and the security agencies operate on secret interpretations of laws about which the people who passed the laws had no clue. Naturally, the Environmental Protection Agency has been developing it’s version of secret law. [See also, “Censored Science Is Big Government’s Ideal.”] I assume Read more […]

Fake CIA Agent and EPA Fake Science

An EPA employee who scammed the agency and taxpayers also scammed us with fake science for regulations. When the little bit of work you do helps promote the Scam of the Millennium (Climate Change) you can get away with just about anything, and your government co-workers will help cover it up. Behold the picture of government efficiency, and hard work: John Beale. From the Daily Signal: “How This Phony CIA Agent Pulled Off a ‘Scam’ to Impose Environmental Regulations on Americans.” According Read more […]

EPA Tells Lies about Climate Change, Again

If the head of the EPA tells lies about global warming, what else is she willing to do for her job? At the EPA’s web log, Gina McCarthy writes, “We Must Act Now to Protect our Winters.” 2014 was the hottest year on record, and each of the last three decades has been hotter than the last. In mountain towns that depend on winter tourism, the realities of climate change really hit home. Shorter, warmer winters mean a shorter season to enjoy the winter sports we love—and a financial Read more […]

Galileo versus the Environmental Protection Agency

Why the Environmental Protection Agency is not the proper stage for a debate about science. The year was 1616. The year prior, Galileo Galilei’s works on heliocentrism and his Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina, arguing that heliocentrism was not contrary to biblical texts, were submitted to the Roman Inquisition. But in 1616 the Inquisition enjoined Galileo “… to abandon completely… the opinion that the sun stands still at the center of the world and the earth moves, and henceforth Read more […]

Censored Science Is Big Government’s Ideal

Why do you think the Feds prefer censored science data? The Daily Signal headline asks a question: “Why Does Washington Want to Hide Science Data From the Public?” Imagine a teacher asking this in a class where yours truly is a student. “Oh… oh, oh, oh… Mr. Kotter… Mr. Kotter… me… me…” Why are they hiding data? Because it’s Gruber data—total garbage to achieve a desired end, rather than authentic science. When federal bureaucrats drive up costs for American Read more […]

Largest EPA Blackmail of Auto Companies, Ever

EPA blackmail happens when the Environmental Protection Agency holds the U.S. market hostage so that a company cannot sell to them without paying off the EPA. The EPA has blackmailed Kia and Hyundai $150 million. From The Daily Caller, “Hyundai, Kia to Pay $150 Million for Violating EPA Global Warming Laws.” The Environmental Protection Agency and the Justice Department have announced a $150 million legal settlement with two major automakers for violating federal global warming law — Read more […]