If You Have A High IQ, Be Smart And Don’t Ask For Government Help

IQ is in the news again. According to the London Evening Standard, George Osborne has moved to distance himself from Boris Johnson after the London Mayor suggested society is unequal because many people have low IQs. The Chancellor said he did not agree with everything Mr Johnson said and stressed the importance of education to spread opportunity. Delivering the Margaret Thatcher lecture last week, the Tory mayor appeared to mock the 16% of “our species” with an IQ below 85 and urged more action Read more […]

Doing Conservatism Wrong: “Minorities And Women Must Be Equal With White Men”

Michael Reisig is a novelist and newspaper columnist. In a piece he wrote yesterday, titled “The American White Male: No Advocacy, No Retribution,” he attempts to offer his conservative point of view on affirmative action and the surge in negative portrayals of whites in TV commercials (as “the dolt, the miscreant, and the character of little importance”). As any conservative must do when broaching these topics, Reisig opens his piece by attempting to immunize himself from accusations of being Read more […]