No Men’s Barbershops Allowed!

Men’s barbershops are a violation of human rights. Be thankful the government is here to save us! Over a year ago, Mark Horne posted about a Colorado bar that catered to “bears”—a certain kind of hyper-masculine homosexual subculture. This bar allegedly turned away a homosexual male who was dressed as a woman. They said it was because his driver’s license didn’t match his appearance and they wanted to avoid trouble with the government. He claimed it was “discrimination.” Colorado’s Read more […]

State Trying to Kill Uber over Fairness and Equality

A judge wants to kill Uber in California so it can’t be unfair to customers. If you live in one area of town, and a business starts operating in another part of town where you don’t have easy access, how is that unfair to you? If a restaurant chain opens two restaurants in a town that is only easily accessible to forty percent of the population, how is that a detriment to the other sixty percent? The sixty percent of the town who don’t have access to the restaurant are no worse off than Read more […]

Reading to Your Children Is Unfair

Philosophers think you should question whether reading to your children is the right thing to do because it promotes inequality. I guess the best way to introduce what a couple of Australian philosophers are arguing is to reproduce the headline from the Australian media: “Is having a loving family an unfair advantage?” The answer, provided by two philosophers in a recent book: yes. “I don’t think parents reading their children bedtime stories should constantly have in their minds the Read more […]

No Charges for Gov Worker for Lost Drone at White House

A Federal employee will not be charged for his lost drone that crashed at the Obama’s residence.   Back when the story first broke of a Federal employee losing control of a drone, Bob Allen posted about it: I love how the article mentions the laws this man broke, but he remains unidentified. And they say it’s apparently unlikely he will be prosecuted. Anyone want to guess what would happen to me, if I did the exact same thing? Some animals really are more equal than others; they’re Read more […]

New Strategy for Ending Babies: DIY Abortion at Home

The New York Times magazine has run a long story about the new strategy of DIY abortion at home. It features Rebecca Gomperts, a Dutch doctor, whose Women on the Web business is sending abortion drugs to women all around the world to evade local legal restrictions and lack of “access” to abortion. Gomperts is a general-practice physician and activist. She first assisted with an abortion 20 years ago on a trip to Guinea, just before she finished medical school in Amsterdam. Three years Read more […]

The Gender Wage Gap & Liberal Economic Superstitions

Consider two groups of people, Group A and Group B. The people in Group A tend to major in engineering, math, and/or computer science. Those in Group B prefer careers in English, education, and psychology, and they usually stop in mid-career and drop out of the full-time workforce for a few years. Who do you think will earn more during their working lifetime, Group A or Group B? Duh, Group A. Imagine a world where people who claimed to be intelligent and concerned with “social justice” Read more […]

If You Have A High IQ, Be Smart And Don’t Ask For Government Help

IQ is in the news again. According to the London Evening Standard, George Osborne has moved to distance himself from Boris Johnson after the London Mayor suggested society is unequal because many people have low IQs. The Chancellor said he did not agree with everything Mr Johnson said and stressed the importance of education to spread opportunity. Delivering the Margaret Thatcher lecture last week, the Tory mayor appeared to mock the 16% of “our species” with an IQ below 85 and urged more action Read more […]

Anti-Nature As Obamacare NewSpeak: “Artificially” Is The New Word For Naturally

Chuck Todd had Jonathan Gruber of MIT on his show. Todd introduces Gruber as “one of the primary architects” of both Romneycare and Obamacare. This was good since it shows us that “intellectuals” are in a revolt against reality and reason. Here’s Gruber’s argument for why the Affordable Care Act is working fine when it forces people to lose their health insurance coverage: We currently have a highly discriminatory system where if you’re sick, if you’ve been sick or [if] you’re Read more […]

Voting as Revenge: Resentment is Obama’s Ideology

Obama knows how to campaign. He knows he needs to sound positive. He knows he needs to encourage Americans. He knows he needs to promise to solve problems. But this kind of stuff keeps slipping out of his mouth. “Voting is the best revenge.” This is what he told crowds when they booed Romney’s name. “No, no, no — don’t boo, vote.” Casting a vote for Obama against Romney is a more effective means of vengeance? Vengeance for what? Obama wasn’t talking to people in Massachusetts, Read more […]

Is the Term, “Freshman,” Sexist?

The University of North Carolina has dropped the term “freshman” from all their official literature and publications because it contains the word “man” in it. It excludes women (whose singular form also has the word “man” in it), and apparently offers further evidence that we live in a “male-dominated” society where even our language is affected. The UNC says they prefer a more “gender-inclusive” alternative to “freshman” such as “first year student.” I remember when Read more […]

The California Governor’s Tar-Baby

Legislation awaiting the governor’s signature in California would make it illegal for parents to try to alter their children’s “sexual orientation.” The bill was introduced by State Senator Ted W. Lieu and is sponsored and supported by various gay right groups. It remains to be seen what Gov. Jerry Brown will do with it once it hits his desk. Conservative and libertarian groups are strongly opposed to the bill, claiming it is a violation of parent and civil rights. The gay right groups, Read more […]