Science vs. Ethics: Researchers Remotely Control a Human

In a bit of whiz-bang science that may go down in history with the infamous “putting the criminal’s brain in the monster robot’s body” trick, University of Washington researchers have just demonstrated the ability to control a human being’s actions remotely. I know some of you think that such technology already exists and is used to control the puppet in the Oval Office, but this is apparently the first time such technology has been publicly admitted. Using Skype and a type of magnetic stimulation, Read more […]

The AP Reveals Its Anti-Romney Agenda

In what can only be described as shameless partisan “news reporting,” the Associated Press (AP) published an image of Mitt Romney in mid-crouch, preparing for a picture with elementary school kids. The awkward pose is one thing, but what makes the image so particularly problematic is the expression on a young girl’s face immediately behind Romney. The photo, without any context, makes it look as if Romney is bending over at the girl and she is reacting to it. It is purely reckless and an obvious Read more […]