Woman Ordered to Abort

My body, my right! We’ve heard the slogan time and again. People pretend that because a baby is within a woman’s body that the baby is part of her body. It’s a lie but it is an abortion-rights advocate’s creed. Notice, this has nothing to do with the genetic connection. The husband who contributes half the genetic material to the baby has no say in the decision. According to the slogan, “Abortion is a decision between a woman and her doctor,” a doctor–even a male doctor–is more important Read more […]

Washington Post Admits Margaret Sanger was a Eugenicist but Pretends They Are Denying It

Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist and championed the movement; she didn’t merely use it to promote birth control. As I just posted, the Washington Post seems to be realizing false denials of Ben Carson’s accusations against Planned Parenthood are not credible. So now they are trying to admit some of the truth and still spin the issues in a Liberal direction. In addition to conceding  Carson’s claim that abortions outnumber the (next?) leading causes for death for both African Americans and Read more […]

Washington Post Attempts Damage Control on Ben Carson because He Speaks Truthfully about Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger

It seems Liberals are realizing they can’t stop Ben Carson with denials of the Eugenicist and population control ideology behind Planned Parenthood. The vulnerability of Liberal abortion ideology is beginning to show. Ben Carson has been able to push the message out further than others (like Herman Cain in 2012) and the Left can no longer lie. They are not resorting to half-truths to immunize against the truth those who still listen to them. Thus, this Washington Post article by Janell Ross: Read more […]

Supporting Planned Parenthood is Supporting Eugenics

Planned Parenthood supporters love to produce statistics such as that 95 percent of abortions worldwide occur in countries where abortion is illegal. See? Planned Parenthood actually decreases the number of abortions, the argument goes. The reality is closer to about half of abortions worldwide are performed by somebody who is unqualified or in an unsafe environment. The differences in the abortion rate between developing and developed countries is small, and the question of legality likewise Read more […]

Nazi America: Our Recent Eugenic Past makes the News

Why Nazi America? As late as 1979, people were forcibly sterilized according to state eugenics laws.   I was alive and conscious in 1979. It was the age of trucker songs and I associate the time with a lot of roller skating (perhaps that was just me). I remember an obsession with the music of the forties and fifties as some kind of golden age—which I now recognize as the equivalent of my own nostalgia for music from the eighties. But I don’t remember ever being aware that we Read more […]

Liberals Outraged at Fewer Down Syndrome Corpses in Trash

A state tries to protect the lives of Down syndrome babies and others from selective abortions. Liberals want them wiped out. It is really good to talk about Down syndrome children and abortion because it causes Liberals to show what sociopathic Nazis they really are. A Down syndrome child used to be an understood fixture of a few families. Now, a Down syndrome child causes shaking of the head. “What kind of parents don’t get tested these days?” And: “Surely they would have gotten Read more […]

The Nazis among Us Keep Killing Minorities and Disabled

Nazis claim to be Liberals because they are soooooo compassionate. Seriously: What do you call a movement that ardently defends homicide with a special emphasis on the disabled and on racial minorities? Does this name change if the members of the movement insist that society is better off with the disabled being killed and that even minorities are better off if they are kept more “minor” by the slaughter of more of their children? The Lifenews site just ran a story about a prominent Read more […]

Sterilizing Women Means “Liberating” Them?

Sterilizing women is the most popular form of birth control in the planet.   After the report on the eugenics deaths in India, the media has been working on rehabilitating the image of programs aimed at reducing poverty by eliminating the reproduction of the poor. It seems troubling to many that the most popular form of birth control on the planet is the sterilization of women. It should be troubling. But NPR is ready to defend the status quo—happily reporting that 223 million Read more […]

Reducing Fertility in Poor Countries a Huge Priority to Wealthy Westerners

New injection is provided for reducing fertility in poorest countries. Recently I posted about a massacre in India where many women were killed by non-hygienic sterilizations. Women are bribed for a pittance to give up any chance of future children. I couldn’t help but think again about this story when I read the report from BBC that there is a new way to get women to become infertile for a three month period: “The one dollar contraceptive set to make family planning easier.” The Read more […]

Down Syndrome: We Live among Killers

Mother of a Down syndrome child gets to hear postpartum abortion suggestions. This is the best comeback I have ever read about. Sherry Clair was in the grocery store checkout counter with her young Down Syndrome child. At The Mighty blog, she writes …the cashier … gave me sad eyes and spit poison in a whisper, “I bet you wish you had known before he came out. You know they have a test for that now…” Shock, horror, hurt and fury coursed through my body. I considered jerking her Read more […]

Will Someone Please Call Richard Dawkins a Nazi Already?

With the latest pontification from the professional unbeliever, Richard Dawkins, I am reminded of the rule for internet debate: the first person to call the other a Nazi loses the argument. That rule doesn’t apply to Dawkins when he argues on the internet. He really is a Nazi or something so close that it is equally hideous. As the Daily Mail reports, “Atheist author Richard Dawkins says unborn babies with Down’s syndrome should be aborted and parents should ‘try again’” The Read more […]

Today Is “Consider Not Killing Your Baby But It Is Totally Up to You” Day

I remember back in 2008 reading scathing attacks on Sarah Palin for “intentionally” bringing a Down syndrome child into the world. I don’t want to understate how evil it is that most Down syndrome babies are murdered in utero or that it is legal to do so in most countries—most egregiously, in the countries that boast in being “democratic” and who impose their so-called values on other nations. But even if this only reaches the level of sentiment, I’m thrilled to see this ad for World Read more […]