Representing the Almighty

Have you ever thought about the difficulties of communication? It was interesting last month to watch my girls play with a friend’s children who hardly spoke any English. They found ways to play together in spite of the language barrier. In advertising, communicating with a target market means more than tossing out catchy slogans. A few companies learned this the hard way when they tried to translate their catchy English slogans directly into Spanish.  Braniff beckoned its passengers to Read more […]

Military Backs Down For Now, But Illusion Of “Natural Law” Remains Shattered

Many Christian traditions have taught that there is a “natural law”—a universally-evident ethical system that is perceived by all people whether or not they are Christians. It shows people how to be good without demanding that they repent of idolatry and submit to the true God. Perhaps recent events in the military will teach Christians to give up that myth. There is good news for now. As of last night, the military stopped calling Evangelicalism a “hate group.” Todd Starnes writes: The Read more […]