No Honest Conversations about Evil are Possible

We can’t have honest conversations about evil because we no longer know how to recognize it. Erick Erickson of RedState wrote a pretty moving post about the Dylann Roof massacre: “The Conversation We Won’t Have.” Yet again we have a twenty-something white male loner or semi-loner who got a gun and decided to kill people. In most cases we have found that the mass shooter was mentally disturbed. In this case, it looks more and more that Dylann Roof was just a servant of an evil that says Read more […]

Liberal “Perspective”—Obamacare Rollout A Disaster But Republicans Are Evil For Opposing It

It is increasingly difficult in this country to understand how other people think. Obamacare is a huge failure right now, but, Liberals assure each other, it will succeed at some point and the Republicans are evil for opposing it. Thus, Michael Tomasky in the Daily Beast: At the same time, he [Obama] is right that the health-care act isn’t just a website, it’s a program. Even with all the failures, just in casual media-consuming, I have been surprised at the number of positive anecdotal stories Read more […]

Obeying God Rather than Men

I received an email question the other day about the Christian’s responsibility to government. It is a question we receive often and it is one that must be addressed time and time again. In short, the question is this: “Should we passively accept evil in government, or should we resist it?  Do we submit to evil government, or resist it?” Well, what would you say? This particular questioner referred to a teaching of Jesus found in the Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew 5:39, Jesus says: “But Read more […]

Evil: A Sad Reality, And Therefore A Reality Denied By Liberals

There is evil in the world. It does not exist in non-sentient, inanimate objects; it exists in people. Evil is stored in our hearts and then discharged in the form of lies, in the form of stealing, in the form of violence, etc. While stealing is an evil that can be implemented using only our hands, violence is an evil that can be implemented using virtually any object. But the object itself is not evil; the object is the conduit, be it a fist, a hammer, a brick, a rock, a stick, or a gun. Liberals Read more […]

Bill Maher Attacks Rick Perry Over Prayer Comment

Bill Maher does not rate much attention. I don’t watch his show, and I rarely pay attention to his attempts at comedy. He’s not very funny. It’s no wonder that he went into the baser things of life after his flop as an actor. He appeared in the forgettable 1989 film Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death and lesser known films thereafter. His latest attack on religion (almost a weekly occurence on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher) is a slam at Texas Gov. Rick Perry for suggesting that Read more […]

Mennonite Owned Company Denied Religious Exemption from Contraception Mandate

I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but I’ll say it again.  When companies owned by Catholics file suit against having to comply with the contraception mandate, they win religious exemption status.  When companies owned by Protestants file suit, they are denied religious exemption status, often meeting the same criteria as the companies owned by Catholics. In the latest case, the owners of the Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp., the Hahn Family, filed a lawsuit against the federal government Read more […]

Do We Really Want God to Stop Evil before it Happens

Like you, I’ve seen numerous articles that ask the question, “Where was God at Newtown?” Another question that follows on its heels is, “Why didn’t God do something to stop the evil?” Many people become atheists because they can’t reconcile a loving and powerful God with the reality of evil, especially an evil like shooting 20 innocent children. Killing children for whatever reason is not a new thing (Matt. 2:18). Millions have been killed in wars. In fact, our own government Read more […]

If I Were Evil

I would sit in the pews of your churches and marvel at the youth available to me. I would make life easy, convenient, and without consequence. I would be an expert at division and subjugation. I would make most of you think I was right there with you; fighting for you and everything you want. If I were evil, “traditional” would be a relative and scorned term; especially when it didn’t fit into the ever evolving puzzle called life. Mistakes would be successes and children a burden not a blessing. Read more […]