Democrats Support Subsidies for the Rich

They fight for taxpayer subsidies for the rich while claiming to stand against income inequality. It is a shame that half of Republicans support the Export-Import Bank, but it is telling that nearly all Democrats do so. This was documented recently in the Washington Examiner: In order to overcome the opposition of the House majority leader, speaker-elect, the House Financial Services Committee chairman, and most Republicans on the committee, Democrats got behind a Discharge Petition that eventually Read more […]

Companies Openly Prove They Expect to Buy Politicians

When corporations make “donations” they mean to buy politicians. There can be no doubt. If you have any doubt that businesses expect to buy politicians when they give them cash, this Politico headline should make you see reason: “Boeing, GE cut off donations to Ex-Im foes.” When House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy headlined a fundraiser in early June the room was packed with defense industry lobbyists, but reps from one megacontractor were missing — Boeing. Not only was Boeing absent Read more […]

Republican Senators Vote to Keep Obamacare

Republican Senators voted “for repeal” but refused to use the power of the purse, again. From “ObamaCare Repeal Goes Nowhere in Senate.” An ObamaCare repeal vote in the Senate that Ted Cruz predicted would be an “exercise in meaningless political theater” didn’t produce any surprises in a rare Sunday session yesterday. All 92 of the senators that showed up voted along party lines and the measure failed to reach the needed 60 votes, reports Politico, which notes that all 49 Read more […]

Chamber of Commerce Out for Revenge over Ex-Im Bank

The Chamber of Commerce has decided to start working for the defeat of conservatives in Congress. Others have written before on this blog about the open war between moneyed Republicans and the Tea Party, and especially between the Chamber of Commerce and the Tea Party. Another chapter in that story of battle and betrayal has come upon us as the Chamber of Commerce swears vengeance over the defeated, crony-capitalist Ex-Im Bank. The Ex-Im Bank, remember, used taxpayer subsidized loans to provide Read more […]

Another Crony Capitalist Lobbies for the Ex-Im Bank

Why did GE CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, join the Obama Administration as part of the government’s “Economic Recovery Advisory Board”? To help protect the gravy train for his company, and to keep favors going for friends. Thus, the Campaign for Liberty: General Electric’s Chief Executive Jeff Immelt recently claimed that closing the Export-Import bank would mean that “we are basically making a statement as a country that we do not think that exports are important.” Is that true? If we close the Read more […]