Subsidies for Federal Exchanges: The Biggest Executive Usurpation of All?

There have been so many unilateral changes made in the Affordable Care Act–in which the executive branch usurps the powers of the legislature–that bringing up one more may seem boring. But this may have been the most outrageous of them all and it has received the least attention. Michael Cannon writes an editorial on the Fox News site that the law never allowed subsidies for those who bought insurance through Federal exchanges. The law only authorized such spending for the state exchanges. Confounding Read more […]

Force Obama and His Family to Join ObamaCare

Why wouldn’t President Obama and his family want to sign up for ObamaCare and be on the program for the rest of their lives? The program carries his name. They should be honored to have such a prestigious program named after their family name, and they should be the first people to tell the world that they’ve signed up for ObamaCare. President Obama and Michelle, with their daughters in tow, should come out before the watching world, sit down with all the forms that are required to be filled Read more […]

Identity Theft To Skyrocket Under Obamacare

Have you ever been the victim of identity theft?  If so, you know the nightmare it creates having to contact everyone and every company you do business with. You have to contact the banks and get them to close your accounts and set up new ones.  Anyone you have to make auto payments to have to be notified and those auto pays re-established with the new account.  Employers have to be notified to change direct deposits.  All of the businesses and utilities that you pay on line have to have all Read more […]

“The Doctor Can’t See You Now” – Thanks To Obamacare

I can still hear Nancy Pelosi saying that the Affordable Care Act will make healthcare not only more affordable, but more accessible to everyone.  California, Pelosi’s home state, is one of the few states to be boasting that the health insurance through the exchange will actually lower costs for consumers.  Pelosi has been using this to tell the nation that Obamacare is working, but she fails to mention that most of the country will see rising premium costs and we’re talking significant rises Read more […]

More States Reject Obamacare Mandates: Ceding Power to the Feds?

While it is encouraging to see a growing number of states reject Obamacare’s mandate for a state-regulated health insurance exchange, it does raises an important concern. Some, like Yale law professor Heather Gerken, think that governors who reject that mandate are simply ceding more power to the Feds, because if they refuse to set up the exchange, the Feds will just step in and do it for them. Given the choice between having a state-run exchange and a federal-run exchange, even some conservatives Read more […]