The Conservative Case for The Welfare State for Capital Criminals?

Kirsten Powers was and still is a Clintonian Liberal. She had some kind of conversion to Christianity and, subsequently, stopped favoring the legality of abortion. She now thinks it should be outlawed as murder. But otherwise, she uses her platform in the media to defend same sex “marriage” and the coercion of Christians to affirm the existence of  such a thing. We’ll have to see if she comes to her sense or makes herself an anti-Christ propagandist. But now she is trotting out the “conservative Read more […]

Official Court Verdict: Sudanese Woman Will be Hanged for Confessing Christ

Meriam Ibrahim’s death sentence is now official. The wife of an American citizen, and mother of two Americans, is to be flogged and hanged for the “crimes” of being a Christian, and marrying a Christian. To be clear: although the charge is apostasy, she has never been a Muslim; although the other charge is adultery, it is for having relations with her husband. From al-Arabia News: A Sudanese woman doctor who married a Christian man was sentenced to death on Thursday for converting to Christianity, Read more […]

Warren Hill “Not Competent to Be Executed”?

I didn’t know competency was required to die. Warren Lee Hill was scheduled to be executed in Georgia last night, but he has been granted a stay of execution because the courts are now convinced he might be retarded. Apparently, Georgia passed a law in 1988 prohibiting the execution of the mentally handicapped, and the Supreme Court has also ruled that this would be unconstitutional. I didn’t know the Constitution talked about mental health issues (must be in the interstate commerce clause), Read more […]