Big Brother Just Got Bigger: Doctors Can Report You to the FBI

It would be one thing if this new removal of a basic privacy right had been debated and hammered out between different parties. Instead, it was imposed by a gun-prohibitionist President based on calculating what he could get away with. Basically, now if you have a mental health crisis you have to worry about a doctor reporting you to the Feds. According to The Hill, “Rules eased on providing mental health records for background checks.” The Obama administration is seeking to make it easier for Read more […]

New Executive Order: Government Must Use Behavioral Science

Barack Obama has issued an executive order for agencies to use behavioral science to make policies. If you have ever felt that the government was trying to manipulate you… well, it might get worse. Barack Obama believes so strongly in the power of the behavioral sciences to reach us that he has made its use official. reports, A new executive order from President Obama directs all government agencies to use psychological science and data to help connect more Americans to government Read more […]

300,000 Federal Contractors Just Became More Expensive for Taxpayers

Barack Obama signed an executive order requiring Federal contractors to get paid sick leave. I know the Associated Press is biased, but their description of President Obama as “showing solidarity with workers on Labor Day” by signing the executive order was more sickening than usual. The President didn’t give up one of his family’s lavish vacations to help any workers. The president simply ordered contractors to spend more money on each employee, money that will ultimately come from Federal Read more […]

Big Gov Republicans Have No Way to Fight Obama

You can’t fight Obama with the power of the purse if you are addicted to spending. The power of Congress is the power of the budget. Congress has the unique authority to decide spending. The problem is that Congress is just as addicted to spending as Barack Obama is. They will never ever cut a program. Nothing of any significance will ever be defunded. Because the President knows that Congress is addicted to spending, he knows he will never lose a game of “chicken” with them over Read more […]

Executive Order: Illegals Get Military Path to Citizenship

A military path to citizenship means that the military is now actively recruiting illegals. For now there are some rules that may help avoid certain problems, but those rules can be changed at Presidential whim. From “Obama Enacts Executive Action to Allow Some Dreamers to Serve in Military.” On the day Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation, President Barack Obama enacted an executive action on Thursday to allow certain DREAMers to serve in the military Read more […]

Gay Wrongs by Executive Order

Barack Obama is doing whatever he can to win the culture war for the Left. Thus: President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against employees on the basis of their sexual orientation, a White House official said today. The move follows years of pressure from gay rights groups for Obama to act on his own while a broader employment non-discrimination measure languishes on Capitol Hill. The Senate passed the legislation last year but the Read more […]

Barack Obama Plays Santa Clause For Federal Workers

Barack Obama says that Federal workers have been beat up enough and shouldn’t have to take it anymore. He is raising their pay by executive order. From the Washington Post: President Obama signed an executive order Monday authorizing a 1 percent pay raise for federal employees, ending a four-year freeze in salary rates. […] Salary rates have not been increased since January 2010. Some employees have had their pay frozen during this period, while most have received raises through promotions, Read more […]

Executive Order Banning Guns Prohibited by…Obamacare?

Many on the right have been focusing on a provision hidden deep within the 2,800 page Obamacare legislation that prohibits the Feds from regulating guns and ammo and collecting data on legal gun-owners. CNN called it a “gift to the nation’s powerful gun lobby.” But does it really prohibit Obama from issuing a sweeping executive order banning guns? There is a small provision in Obamacare entitled, “Protection of Second Amendment Rights” in Section 2716, part c. In fact, it was included Read more […]