Do We Owe the Truth to Everyone?

We can learn a great deal from the two Hebrew midwives identified in chapter 1 of Exodus. They show us how to stand up to a tyrant and they show us just how to speak to a tyrant. How did they disobey the Pharaoh? They did so because they feared the real One True God, not the false idol of human civil government. They feared God not Pharaoh. Because the Hebrew midwifes feared God they did two things They did not commit the wicked sin of infanticide; they kept the baby boys alive. They Read more […]

Exodus: Is It Time to Go Beyond Hollywood?

A forthcoming documentary may give us help to consider the Exodus as the Bible describes it. Lots of hype surrounding the Hollywood film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” these days… but what really happened thousands of years ago in Egypt? Was there an Exodus? Is there evidence? You owe it to yourself (and to God!) to make up your mind about these things. Here is something that might be helpful: Many scholars personally hate the Bible because its message stomps on their desire to be gods themselves—and Read more […]

The Bread of Life

The crisis on the border has just begun its planned devastation on our republic. The question I haven’t seen answered until this week is why now are all these unaccompanied minors illegally crossing our boarders at this time? It turns out there is an obscure Obama administration policy that’s deliberately driving this flood of illegal unaccompanied minors. “This policy [and executive order] issued in August of 2013… is called the ‘Family Interest Directive,’ and it essentially forbids Read more […]

The Wilderness Wanderings

I just took a trip that I found encouraging in many ways, not just the time with family, and the rich fellowship in Christ, but also the taste of what is out there across America.  Out in the deserts of Nevada, I spoke with a proprietor of a general store.  It wasn’t long into our casual conversation that revulsion towards everything Washington D.C. does was revealed.  So those polls that put Congress and Obama in the sub cellar were revealed as we had a taste of them anecdotally. It gives Read more […]

Praising the Mighty Warrior

Louis Albert Banks tells of an elderly Christian man, a fine singer, who learned that he had cancer of the tongue and that surgery was required. In the hospital after everything was ready for the operation, the man said to the doctor, “Are you sure I will never sing again”? The surgeon found it difficult to answer his question. He simply shook his head no. The patient then asked if he could sit up for a moment. “I’ve had many good times singing the praises of God,” he said. “And now you tell Read more […]

Boy Scout Exodus Has Begun

Last week, the executive board of Boy Scouts of America voted to allow openly gay kids into their programs, thus compromising their long standing set of Christian morals and values.  When I heard about their vote, it saddened me to see them succumb to the pressures of a debauched society. In my report last week about their compromise, I predicted that a number of church sponsored Boy Scout programs would be ended the same way it happened in Canada when they allowed the gays to go camping with Read more […]

Is Pope Francis Right About the Golden Calf and “Tyranny of Money”?

I’d like to draw attention to the Pope Francis’ recent homily in which he renounced the “tyranny of money” and a system in which markets and financial speculation allegedly are allowed to operate with complete autonomy, which ends up treating the poor as sub-human, and leads to rising income inequality with the rich exploding upwards in wealth while the incomes of the poor collapse. He identifies this era of market autonomy with a story from the book of Exodus: “The worship of the golden Read more […]