Who’s to Blame for ISIS? Boring Old People, Obama Reveals

We already know that religion, specifically the Islamic variety, has nothing to do with terrorism, according to our president. The White House this week floated the notion that Muslim countries just needed jobs to turn jihadists’ attention from terrorism and toward more gainful pursuits. But it was at the sideshow the White House called a summit on violent extremism that President Obama revealed the real secret to creating a terrorist: boring old people. “The high-quality (ISIS) videos,” Read more […]

Government Extremism Summit Refuses to Admit Reality

What is the point of an extremism summit that won’t identify the problem? The Federal government is hosting an “extremism summit” this week, and looking at ways to crack down on “extremists” who use social media to recruit others, and encourage violence. [See also, “Terror and Islam: Yes, There Is a Link.”] As the headline reads at the Financial Times website: “Expectations Low for U.S. Extremism Summit.” Sadly, the story is behind a paywall. Unless you have purchased a subscription Read more […]