Drone Crash Is an Excuse for More Federal Regulation

Barack Obama is using the drone crash in order to propagandize for the FAA. No one should be surprised by this. Time magazine has the video posted on their website: “Obama Calls for Drone Regulation After White House Crash.” President Barack Obama has used the crash-landing of a drone at the White House Monday as an opportunity to reemphasize the importance of regulating unmanned aircraft. In an interview with CNN, Obama said the remote-controlled quadcopter that caused a brief security Read more […]

Is Victory Plausible in an Unfair Election?

It’s not surprising that the U.S. Government is one of Obama’s top 5 campaign donors. Guaranteed higher salaries is one reason. Obama has proposed giving federal employees a 0.5% pay increase next year even though government employees already make more money on average than their private sector counterparts. Government employees also enjoy a higher job security rate than that in the private sector simply because governments don’t really have to be constrained by a budget and are therefore not Read more […]