Chicken Pox as Child Abuse?

KSDK reports, “Woman’s chicken pox party concerns authorities.” It’s been a longtime practice among parents who believe in natural immunizations. Chicken pox parties are popular with families who want their children to catch the disease, rather than be vaccinated. However, a visit to a Plano mom’s home by Child Protective Services this week has triggered worries within the community that authorities may be prosecuting them as bad parents. The mom said that CPS knocked on her door because she Read more […]

The Stupidity of the Facebook Diversity Report

The Facebook diversity report reveals low numbers, but an even lower respect for freedom and dignity. If you want to see a lion, a polar bear, a penguin, and a bison in a location that allows you to view them within a single half-hour, you will have to go to a zoo. Only captive animals will be in that close proximity to one another. In the wild, they live in completely different environments. Human “races” are not the same as animals. Even if some racial characteristics originated in certain Read more […]

Facebook Knows Your Comments before You Hit Post, or Even If You Don’t!

Facebook knows the things you are about to say and the things you decide not to say. Ever wondered why some of your most powerful posts suddenly vaporize when you hit the “post” button? I have. After reading this, I don’t wonder as much. (In times of severe frustration with the same post being deleted numerous consecutive times—actually, a similar one, since I have to rewrite—I’ve finally resorted to typing elsewhere, then pasting. It gets me past the barrier but I’m not thrilled to have Read more […]

The NSA Hurts US Companies

By spying through them, the NSA hurts US companies like Facebook. In the case of Facebook, I’m not that concerned. But I am sure it is going on with other US technology companies as well. Instead of exporting a trusted product that people in other nations want to use, they fear our companies and are suspicious of what the government is doing through them. When the company is one that reaches mass numbers of individual consumers overseas, each and every one of them can learn to resent Americans Read more […]

Facebook Pictures May Lead to Life Sentence

A man is about to serve a life sentence for Facebook pictures that show no crime being committed.  There is nothing about this case that makes any sense. A man is facing the possibility of a life sentence because he posted pictures on Facebook. These pictures show him with known gang members and flashing gang sign. I hate criminal gangs. But these things are not crimes. Nothing in these pictures shows Aaron Harvey committing a crime. The prosecutors are saying that Harvey deserves a Read more […]

Is Facebook Getting Set to Manage Dissent?

Offering to allow readers to flag “fake” news could also be a way of stifling dissent. According to Reuters, “Facebook clamps down on fake news stories.” Facebook Inc said on Tuesday it has taken steps to clamp down on “hoaxes” and fake news stories that can spread like wildfire on its 1.35-billion member online social network. The company said it had introduced an option to allow Facebook users to flag a story as “purposefully fake or deceitful news” to reduce the distribution of Read more […]

Liberal Intolerance Proven from Social Media

You’ve noticed that the liberal intolerance is showing up all over the culture. A CEO gets kicked out of his own company for supporting a winning California vote to define marriage as one man and one woman many years earlier. In other words, he held the stated position of Barack Obama at the same time that Obama held it. A state college system ends all Christian campus groups. A newspaper man is fired for disagreeing with homosexual mockery of Christianity. A Christian college loses a city contract Read more […]

No Gun Permit Unless You Give Up Your Facebook Password

A town is blatantly running a criminal operation in its gun permit procedure. Of course, being criminal, they did try to keep it quiet for awhile. But, now that it is revealed, they have insisted on continuing. The Second Amendment acknowledges the right to bear arms, which calls into question the whole concept of a government-issued gun permit. But the law has been allowed for a basic background check involving public information. The Fourth Amendment acknowledges the right to be secure Read more […]

Liberating Women… to Serve Corporate Needs

Is enabling them to freeze their eggs a form of liberating women or enslaving them? I don’t have a problem with the technology itself and I don’t have a problem with women holding down corporate jobs. But the fact that Facebook and Apple are providing for female employees to freeze their eggs seems potentially abusive. I’m sure there are health issues confronting some women so that being able to collect eggs might be the only way they can assure themselves they have a shot at motherhood. Read more […]

Feds Commit Identity Theft; Claim to Own Criminals

Identity theft is a government prerogative according to the DEA’s defense in court against a lawsuit. Apparently, if the Feds ever bust you for a crime, and get legitimate access to your private data, they are permitted to use the data about yourself, your loved ones, to steal your identity, and even endanger your children for a good cause. I don’t see how they could make those claims without asserting ownership rights over the person on the basis of a conviction for a crime. According to Read more […]

Independence Day, Thirty Years After: Pentagon Is Big Brother on the Other Side of the Screen

In George Orwell’s 1948 novel, 1984, the concept of “Big Brother” became the universal slogan for the surveillance state. Orwell used very little actual science fiction technology in his novel. But there was one prominent exception: the telescreen. Every home had a device that sent information (or disinformation) and also spied on the dwellers. This permitted the government, through this network, to not only gather intelligence, but to manipulate and control the people. Even though it was Read more […]

Tech Companies Warning Customers When Government Demands Their Data

I have often pointed out that we should never expect corporations to stand for freedom against big government. Corporations want to reach mass markets and avoid costs. Big government can grant corporations monopolies and also cost them greatly by punishing them. So I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that some corporations are beginning to defy the national security state. According to the Washington Post: “Apple, Facebook, others defy authorities, notify users of secret data demands.” Major Read more […]