Only Poll That Matters: Obamacare Has 3 Percent Of Expected Support (Not Much Was Expected)

We hear politicians appeal to polls all the time. They tell us what people “want.” Except they don’t. If I see iPhones selling fast that tells me real information about what people want. The reason it gives me real information is that it shows me not only people acquiring iPhones, but at what price. It shows me how many limited resources people are willing to give up in exchange for an iPhone. Polls don’t give price. When people are telling you what they want, you have to remember Read more […]

Obamacare Is Failing Even Where The Website Works And Rates Are Lower

I honestly don’t know how to account for this. Back on September 30, we were told to expect great things in New York State: “If the volume of callers at the call center is any indication, I know there’s a lot of demand out there,” said Elisabeth Benjamin, vice president of Health Initiatives of the Community Service Society of New York. About 44% of CSS’ clients are uninsured, she said. Because New York was among the first states to establish its exchange, health care advocates say the system Read more […]

Little League Discriminates Against the Strong and Talented

A Massachusetts’ Little League pitcher has been banned from pitching because he throws with “too much power.” The Little League organization divides children by age, not size or strength. When my youngest son played Little League baseball, there were a variety of skill levels, sizes, and height among the 120 players and ten teams. Some kids threw very hard. One 12-year-old was nearly six feet tall and had a wicked fastball. If you’ve watched the Little League World Series on television, Read more […]

Obama’s FEMA Success Story: STILL No Power

Here we are, in the dead chill of one of the coldest and windiest winters in recent memory, more than three full months after Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey and New York, and there are still people living in those states without power. I learned of this from a report by New York’s local Fox News affiliate: “For months Donna Graziano has been traveling from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, to Staten Island every day to provide a tent with heaters and food to folks in New Dorp Beach who are Read more […]