Faith-based Institutions Must Include LGBT to Get Federal Grants

Faith-based is OK as long as your primary faith is in the power of the Federal Government to determine what is right and what is wrong. I’m old enough to remember George H. W. Bush extolling faith-based institutions as “a thousand points of light.” Back then it worried me that if these groups became dependent on Federal dollars that the Federal government could turn them into a thousand points of darkness. Well, guess what? At we read, “Breaking: Obama to Force Faith-Based Read more […]

Sometimes Christians Need to Support Separation of Church and State

Christians are often accused of not believing in the separation of church and state. But in some cases, the accusers are right and Christians need to change their ways. Here’s my torpedo of the week: Christians are commanded—it’s not optional—to love our neighbor as we already love ourselves (Mark 12:31). We are mandated to do for others, what we would like them to do for us (Luke 6:31). I do not understand those who profess to heed these commands, but then get in bed with the State to do Read more […]