Lesbian Couple Fakes Hate Crime for Insurance Fraud

They wrote “queer” on their barn to make the hate crime believable and claimed a neighbor made death threats. Homosexuals faking hate crimes is nothing new, but at least so far we haven’t been asked to believe that the fakers did the deed because they were so damaged by the “haters” they tried to frame. Of course, who knows what will happen when their defense attorney begins trying to use the media. But since the couple were trying to bilk their insurance company, their crime is being Read more […]

The Viral Hate-Homosexuals Story Is A False Flag Attack

I saw the original story, and shook my head. Now… we learn it’s apparently another in a long line of false narratives in support of a certain cultural outcome. Two weeks ago, the story of a gay waitress who said she was refused a tip by a New Jersey couple went viral… But this week, a couple claiming to have been Morales’ customers that night contacted NBC 4 New York with seemingly irrefutable proof that Morales—or the restaurant—made the whole thing up: a copy of their receipt—with Read more […]