Homosexual Fakes Hate Crime against Self; Still Gets to be Victim

Why should a guy who lies about a hate crime still get an outpouring of sympathy? How do you really know that people hate you? I’ll tell you how. When someone tries to frame you for a crime you didn’t commit, and gets caught, all the sympathy is given to the criminal, and you still get attacked every day in the media as if you are guilty. This Washington Times story is unbelievable. But not because a homosexual committed a false flag attack against traditionalists. That isn’t so uncommon. Millard Read more […]

What Do Fake Racist Attack Stories Tell Us about the U.S.?

A fraudulent racist attack allegation shows us that power is available through victimhood. After a horrific triple homicide, a great many people wanted to convince us that the crime was really bad because of an alleged racist motivation. Now we find that there are other ways of convincing us of widespread racism. According to the Dallas Morning News, “UT-Arlington student admits making up claim that gunman followed her to campus, threatened her.” A UT-Arlington student who claimed Read more […]

The Racial Grievance Industry Is Trying to Create Racism

Here is yet another instance of the state pretending racism is to blame for individual behaviors. This ridiculous report singles out race as if it alone is the deciding factor. They do it because they hope to manufacture charges of widespread racism. Heather MacDonald writes for National Review’s The Corner, The U.S. Education Department released yet another study Friday documenting the fact that black students are suspended and expelled at higher rates than white students. The Obama administration Read more […]

Why did Obama want the consulate attacked?

Notice that I don’t ask, “Why did Obama want the Ambassador to die?” I don’t think we can assume that. I haven’t heard any story that posits animosity between Ambassador Stephens and the White House. So let’s assume that Stephens’ death was not an objective of the White House. Let’s also go with the story, for now, that Obama is more responsible for what happened than Clinton. With that supposition, what do we have left? Yesterday, Fox News broke the story that CIA in Benghazi Read more […]

Black Woman Self-Immolates but Blames It on White Racists

A twenty-year-old black woman named Sharmeka Moffitt in Louisiana claimed that three members of the Ku Klux Klan wrote “KKK” on her body and racial slurs on her car before dousing her with lighter fluid and lighting her on fire. So why is this not big news? Why is MSNBC not taking this and running with it? It would be the perfect anecdote to get Obama reelected. It certainly would have been huge news except that forensic specialists found that the woman set herself on fire. Her fingerprints were Read more […]

Another FBI-Assisted Terrorist Attack Thwarted By the FBI

A 21-year-old Bangladeshi national was arrested Wednesday for trying to blow up the Federal Reserve building in New York. But that’s hardly the whole story. The would-be bomber Nafis came to this country in January of this year, and the FBI started monitoring him in July when he tried to make contact with another aspiring terrorist on the internet. This other aspiring terrorist was an undercover FBI agent. For the next 4 months, the FBI helped him plan and coordinate a terrorist attack that Read more […]