Calling Something Net Neutrality Doesn’t Make It Neutral

The FCC’s secret development of Net Neutrality regulations should give us doubts about the label. Just as I was saying in regards to political labels, the labels slapped on many policies today have no relation to what the actual policy will produce. Just as with Obamacare, you have to ask yourself: Hey, if what is being proposed is so self-evidently good for everyone… why do the rules need to be written completely in the dark of backrooms, filled with lobbyists and others with vested Read more […]

FCC Chair Spits on Congress; Will Suffer Nothing

Congress is “deeply disappointed” the FCC Chair plans to vote on a secret policy and refuses to talk to them about it. Here is the story from Andrew Johnson at the National Review’s The Corner: “FCC Chair Refuses to Testify before Congress ahead of Net Neutrality Vote.” Two prominent House committee chairs are “deeply disappointed” in Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler for refusing to testify before Congress as “the future of the Internet is at stake.” Wheeler’s Read more […]

Will Congress Resist the FCC or Not?

The FCC is making partisan war and Congress needs to respond! FCC leadership now trying to block Commissioner Pai’s press releases from FCC website. So much for Open Internet! — Matthew Berry (@matthewberryfcc) February 18, 2015 If this is true, Congress needs to get off their rear ends and take action. I think defunding the entire FCC budget might get their attention. Does anyone see a problem with such secrecy in a government agency that is making decisions impacting private commerce? Read more […]

FCC Grab of the Internet being Kept Secret from Us Peasants

Why should a revolution in the government’s relationship to the internet be kept secret? Ajit Pai, a Republican member of the Federal Communications Commission released a statement that began thus: ON PRESIDENT OBAMA’S PLAN TO REGULATE THE INTERNET Last night, Chairman Wheeler provided his fellow Commissioners with President Obama’s 332-page plan to regulate the Internet.  I am disappointed that the plan will not be released publicly.  The FCC should be as open and transparent as Read more […]

The Economic Fallacy Behind Making Netflix Pay

Internet providers are intent on making Netflix pay in order to send their content. This is part of the ongoing debate on “net neutrality.” I don’t have a fixed opinion on net neutrality, but it seems that the arguments against Netflix keep demonstrating an economic fallacy. Today, Netflix plans to show the loading symbol in order to lobby against their adversaries. As Fox 2 in Missouri reported yesterday, Top sites on the Internet, including Netflix and Reddit, will be displaying a Read more […]

Is The FCC Anti-First-Amendment Campaign Out Of The IRS Criminal Manual?

From David French in National Review’s The Corner blog: The IRS targeting scandal is of course multi-faceted, but one of its key elements was the use of comprehensive IRS questionnaires to determine everything from tea-party donor and member lists to the actions and activities of family members and even identifying “persons or entities with which you maintain a close relationship.” In other words, the Obama administration IRS was abusing its regulatory authority to essentially discern the Read more […]

Obama Administration Crawls Into Newsrooms

Like the Communist Party officer on the bridge of a Soviet-era submarine, agents of the Obama Administration’s Federal Communications Commission are expected to soon begin invading newsrooms on a “fact-finding” mission. As part of a study called the Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs, the FCC will begin sending its minions to America’s newsrooms to question reporters and editors about the process of news selection and coverage. The original plan was to begin this spring, but that Read more […]

Attack On 1st Amendment: “This Has Never Been Put To An FCC Vote, It Was Just Announced”

When the radio was invented, and began to be used, the government did not treat the spectrum of radiation as a resource that could be “homesteaded” by the establishment of a broadcasting station, and then privately owned, just like settlers sometimes came to own formerly wild land by farming it. Instead of following natural rights principles for private property, the Federal government simply declared itself the owner of the spectrum. This, in principle, could have removed radio and TV stations Read more […]

Obama Decides It Is Time To Publicly Rape The Press, Starting With South Carolina

Absolutely, positively, without question NO!!! Do we need to take up the Second Amendment to protect the First? Perhaps that day is coming much more quickly than I could have ever dreaded. From the Fox News Channel Blog: “Gov’t Monitors in Newsrooms? FCC to Look Into Media Decision-Making.” In a controversial move, the Obama administration is looking to send the FCC in to investigate how the media chooses stories. Shannon Bream reported this morning on the plan, which is quickly drawing Read more […]