Government Wants to Be “the Big Cheese” So We Can’t Make it Anymore

Government wants to be “the big cheese” in every way in every area of life. That’s why we can’t have nice things. I saw this mentioned in some libertarian blogs a couple of days ago, but now it has received mainstream attention. The FDA has, without any reason to show that health and wellbeing is endangered, decided to obstruct the production of quality cheese. As the San Francisco Chronicle headlined a nice slideshow of scenes of cheese, “FDA decision puts cheese-making in peril.” The Read more […]

Brewers & Farmers: The FDA Wants to Confer More Power On Itself

When Americans realize that they are taxed in order to support people who bully them and interfere in their lives, they get aggravated. But the situation is much worse. We aren’t just paying people against our will to interfere in our lives. We are paying people to devise and implement new ways to bully us and attempt to run our lives and then ask for bigger budgets to use to do it. So, for example, the money siphoned from us to feed the FDA’s bloated budget did not simply support the Read more […]

Another Incidental “Tax” from Obamacare

Everyone knows that when you buy a house, you’re going to incur far more costs than just the price tag on the structure and property alone. You’re going to have to start paying property tax, insurance, maintenance, heating and air, electrical, and numerous other incidentals along the way. Obamacare’s kind of like that. Except you don’t even get a nice house out of it. You pretty much just get a lower quality of life and a bunch of new and incidental taxes, part of which will be kicked Read more […]