Criminally Stacked Committee Made Up Dietary Guidelines

One of the myths of government is that our rulers can get experts together to hammer out a scientific consensus. But rulers are arrogant and are at least as likely to hold onto a bundle of prejudices as anyone else. They stack the committees to confirm those prejudices. Ultimately, they usually manage to control enough funding to research that they can ensure there are no experts who refuse to conform to the fad of the day. Thus, Gless G. Lammi writes at Forbes, “Advisory Committee’s Violations Read more […]

Big Pharma Plans to Bankrupt States

The Associated Press reports, “New $710-a-day drug hailed as a lifesaver but shows how treatments can strain Medicaid budgets.” A newly approved drug is being hailed as a major advance in treatment of cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disease that clogs the lungs with mucus and forces patients to struggle to breathe. But it comes with a punishing price tag — about $710 per patient per day. The treatment takes a bite out of Medicaid programs that are already facing big budget problems, Read more […]

More Evidence We Don’t Want Government Giving Dietary Guidelines

For years the government’s dietary guidelines scared us away from whole milk—and made us unhealthier! Since the Washington Post is a mainstream media outlet, I am surprised it is willing to admit how unscientific the government’s advice has been: “For decades, the government steered millions away from whole milk. Was that wrong?” U.S. dietary guidelines have long recommended that people steer clear of whole milk, and for decades, Americans have obeyed. Whole milk sales shrunk. It was Read more […]

The FDA Will Tell You What Mayonnaise Is, for the Egg Lobby

The FDA is about to hammer a company for selling egg-free mayo because they are making mayonnaise without eggs in it. Control freaks. I don’t like it but there are vegans in the world. And there are others who, sadly, don’t think eggs (or too many of them) are healthy. Furthermore, there are people with real egg allergies who should not eat eggs. And there are many such people who like mayonnaise. So there is a company called Hampton Creek that caters to these customers, selling them Read more […]

Conservative News Site Criticizes Jeb Bush’s Paleo Diet

The Federalist seems to be having fun with Jeb Bush’s paleo diet, but don’t forget there are trillions of dollars at stake. The Federalist has published a piece that blames Jeb Bush’s paleo diet for his lackluster performance during the debate. Under the headline, “Carbohydrates: A Love Letter,” Heather Wilhelm calls to him, “Jeb! Come back! There is a better way!” She writes of the debate: He looked drained. He looked wan. He looked, in fact, like he was about to topple over at any Read more […]

The President of Trans Fat is Deep-Frying the Constitution

Barack Obama has banned trans fat. Where did he get the authority to do that? I don’t like trans fat. I think it is unhealthy and should be avoided. I am glad that companies have been abandoning it and soon will stop using it. But I’m not deluded enough to think that the Food and Drug Administration is my friend. And I don’t think having a dictator of food safety for over three hundred million people is a path to safety. Yet that is what our media takes for granted. The Politico headline Read more […]

Jeb Bush Paleo? Not If He Wants to Be President

A Jeb Bush paleo diet will be unacceptable to the recipients of huge amounts of government money going into wheat, corn, and soy. Reuters has soft-pedaled the issue and made it into a human interest story. But what the President eats to get healthy is of dire importance in the context of the American corporate, cronyist Big Government. There are trillions of dollars on the line. “On the hunt for the presidency, Jeb Bush adopts a ‘caveman’ diet” Jeb Bush is eating like a caveman, and he Read more […]

Demonizing Fat – the FDA Pushes Outdated Science

The FDA is demonizing fat and threatening KIND bars for claiming to be healthy. Tad Cronn has already pointed out today how wrong the food police are. Now the FDA is providing even more evidence that the government is an incompetent health and diet protector by the way they are attacking KIND bars. Even the mainstream press knows the FDA is wrong and is saying so. For instance, consider Shape Magazine’s headline: “Why the FDA’s KIND Bar Crackdown Is Nutty.” So this is a little nuts: The Read more […]

Senate Suddenly Wants Prohibition Back

Defying the FDA, a bill before the Senate would institute prohibition for a new version of alcohol. Naturally, Chuck Schumer, the omni-prohibitionist control freak New York Senator is at the center of the push to prohibit this new type of alcohol for beverages. Forbes reports, “I am in total disbelief that our federal government has approved such an obviously dangerous product, and so, Congress must take matters into its own hands and make powdered alcohol illegal,” he said in a statement. Read more […]

Indiana, Experimental Drugs, and Freedom

In Indiana, experimental drugs may become legal for terminal patients. How does this comport with their “anti-homosexual” law? We all know that Indiana is a backwards state because they just moved to legalize discrimination against homosexuals, right? I mean, the headlines wouldn’t lie, would they? But then how does that same legislature turn around and loosen drug laws? According to the Chicago CBS affiliate, “Indiana ‘Right To Try’ Law Gives Terminally Ill Access To Experimental Drugs.” Imagine Read more […]

Regulated Ice Cream Kills but Raw Milk Is Banned

At least three people have died from ice cream, a product that the FDA heavily regulates. Back in January of 2012, Dr. Mercola published the headline, “No Deaths in 38 Years From This Raw Milk – So Why is it Condemned?” There have been no deaths reported since then, so we can now calculate that it has been more than a generation (as the Bible counts such a period of time) and no one has died from raw milk. [See also, “Left-Right Coalition Is Trying to Legalize Milk.”] However, Read more […]

Paul Krugman Declares War on Pizza

Naturally, he pretends the War on pizza is a defensive action against “partisan” pepperoni. Because Krugman is considered an intellectual leader to Liberals, you can’t simply dismiss his writings with the derision they deserve. He exists to construct rationalizations for the aggrandizement of power and the enslavement of the population. And now he’s set his gaze on the various pizzerias scattered across this great nation. He is constructing a narrative to make the Pizza into the Read more […]