Congressman Tells FDIC They Shouldn’t Be in Government

If the FDIC members are going to allow the abuse of power, they need to hit the streets. I’d never heard of Sean Duffy, but from this… I think I might like him. That said… I’m tired of ‘right words’ without the accompaniment of appropriate actions in light of the reality of those words. It’s time for countless bureaucratic heads to roll… and to keep on rolling. “You’re abusing your power. You’re going after little guys all over American, because I’ll tell you, Mr. Gruenberg—you’re Read more […]

Operation Chokepoint still Choking Businesses

Federal tax-feeders are using their powers for choking businesses, still! “I’m an American, and when the government does something like this to its own citizens, it has to be stopped,” said Georgia business owner, Andy Kramer. I agree, Mr. Kramer. So… how do we stop it? [See also, “Justice Department Harasses, Punishes, and Tries to Destroy Legal Businesses Through Banks.”] The quotation comes from a story at The Daily Signal: “Small Business Owner Questions Why Justice Read more […]

Operation Choke Point – FDIC Backing Down?

When I posted about Operation Chokepoint, I didn’t get any inkling that the FDIC would ever back down. But it seems that they might be doing so. (Let’s hope!) If you don’t remember, Operation Chokepoint was the FDIC’s strategy to basically financially cripple legal businesses. The Department of Justice has its own secret drone program—it is called Operation Chokepoint and its drones are banks.  According to Jason Oxman in The Hill, the department is attacking “disfavored – but Read more […]