Obama Picks Illuminati Insider to Run Fed

President Obama’s pick to replace Ben Bernanke as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank is no improvement. If anything, Janet Yellen is even more of an insider with globalist forces than Bernanke. Yellen is an influential New Keynesian. She was first appointed under President Clinton to work on the White House Council of Economic Advisers. As you would expect, she was an economics professor at UC Berkeley. Yellen is known for her theories on “fair” wages. Her writings on the subject were Read more […]

Printing Money to Get Obama Re-Elected

FED Chairman Ben Bernanke, realizing that the country is getting fed up with the Fed, has begun speaking out on his own behalf. He might be better off if he remained quiet. His denials sound like the protestations of a guilty man. At a meeting in Indianapolis, Bernanke declared several thing including a claim that he did not expect the country to go into economic recession and that he was not using “QE3” to influence political debate or the outcome of the election. How believable is Bernanke? According Read more […]

Why Governments Hate Gold

Competing currencies was the subject of a meeting of the House Domestic Subcommittee on Monetary Policy. The meeting was entitled, “Sound Money: Parallel Currencies and the Roadmap to Monetary Freedom.” During the chairman’s opening statement, he said, “The American people have suffered for decades from the declining purchasing power of the dollar. The Federal Reserve has abused its position as the monopolist issuer of currency to enrich Wall Street and impoverish Main Street. …The Fed can Read more […]