No Conviction, No Trial, but FBI Lock Up Woman for Five Days for Being Suspected of Non-Violent Crime

Why do we continue to let this happen to our neighbors? Worse: How do our neighbors who are FBI agents and police officers justify inflicting this kind of evil upon others? From the Daily Sheeple: “Woman Suspected of Non-Violent Crime Wakes Up to a Home Invasion, FBI-Style.” Gracie was still in bed that morning when her home was raided by armed Federal law enforcement officials. They jumped the six-foot fence around her house, pounded on the front door, and demanded to be let in. […] The Read more […]

The NSA/FBI Combine Uses Federal Courts to Pretend They Are Not an Anti-American Occupying Force

I thought I was already pretty jaded by the NSA’s and the FBI’s super-powers (to be more specific, supra-constitutional powers). But this story in the Guardian produced new levels of rage. I am thankful for one thing, though: the story gets us beyond the question of whether or not we like Edward Snowden. This story is not about Snowden, really; it is about Ladar Levison who started and ran a business offering encrypted secure emails to clients. He writes that his company, Lavabit, served around Read more […]

If It Steals Like a Thief And Breaks In Like a Thug Then It Might Be an FBI Agent

From the Indy Star: FBI agents Wednesday seized “thousands” of cultural artifacts, including American Indian items, from the private collection of a 91-year-old Rush County man who had acquired them over the past eight decades. An FBI command vehicle and several tents were spotted at the property in rural Waldron, about 35 miles southeast of Indianapolis. The man, Don Miller, has not been arrested or charged. […]          The objects were not stored to museum standards, Jones said, Read more […]

Where Did Those Snipers Attacking The Power Grid Come From If They Weren’t Terrorists?

Bet you never heard about this one… a group of snipers shot up a California power station, knocking it out of commission for a month. It was, without question (given the facts here) a pretty professional job. From Business Insider: This is scary. The Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Smith reports that a former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chairman is acknowledging for the first time that a group of snipers shot up a Silicon Valley substation for 19 minutes last year, knocking out 17 transformers Read more […]

FBI Changes “Primary Mission” from “Law Enforcement” to “National Security”

I think the Bureau has made a wise change since, if their primary mission is “law enforcement,” then people might expect them to adhere to the law they enforce on others. Foreign Policy’s blog, The Cable, reports: The FBI’s creeping advance into the world of counterterrorism is nothing new. But quietly and without notice, the agency has finally decided to make it official in one of its organizational fact sheets. Instead of declaring “law enforcement” as its “primary function,” as it has Read more […]

Obama Weeps For Economic Hardships Of FBI Agents

It seems that recruiting weirdoes to be terrorists and offering them training and financing to do crimes they would never have tried on their own, and then busting them and claiming that you “foiled” a terrorist plot is hard and expensive work. Never fear, Obama promises he will always have the FBI’s back no matter what those evil Tea Party Republicans do. President Obama on Monday assured employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that he would fight to keep politics from interfering Read more […]