The Marriage Mandate of the Federal Courts

The federal courts are on a rampage to strike down any semblance of state action declaring marriage to be exclusively a union between one man and one woman. The Montana Constitutional amendment, enacted by a vote of the people was struck down on November 19, and the ruling was made effective immediately. The District court order cited a 9th Circuit court of appeals decision striking down similar amendments in Idaho and Nevada. According to CNN, the judge had the following to say: “This Read more […]

A Second Amendment Victory!

Another decision sides with the Constitution and the Second Amendment! From the Shooter’s Log: “Federal Judge: D.C. Carry Ban ‘Unconstitutional’” Over the weekend, a federal judge in the District of Columbia overturned the District’s ban on allowing residents to carry firearms outside their home. Palmer v. District of Columbia is a landmark decision for gun rights — at least for the time being. The District of Columbia has said that it will seek a stay of the decision, which became Read more […]

Michigan Federal Judge Rules Fathers and Mothers Are Dispensable

A Federal Judge has struck down the Michigan state constitution’s denial of the existence of same-sex marriage. The judge ruled that the state constitution violated the “equal protection” clause of the Federal Constitution. This ruling, of course, assumed that homosexuals are more or less a minority just like non-white races currently are. But, as homosexuals themselves vehemently tell us, that is not true. So the entire basis of the judge’s decision is an open lie. But the weirder Read more […]