Obama’s Plan to End Militarization of Police Not Credible

Are reports that the President will end the militarization of the police to be trusted? I wanted to believe it but the very first sentence in this summary news report killed my ability to believe that we are really going to see anyone put a stop to the militarization of police. From Newser.com: “No More Grenade Launchers, Bayonets for Local Police.” If a police department wants to outfit itself with military equipment, it will now have to make a very strong case for why it needs to. A Read more […]

Wealth TRANSfer: Feds Fund Study on How “Transwomen” Use Social Media.. And Spread Hate?

Without the government who would waste the money? The amount right now is $194,788, according to the Washington Free Beacon. But this is only the first year of a study that should last until March 2016. So probably there are more borrowed dollars collateralized by taxpayers on the way. “High-risk male-to-female transgender women (hereafter “transwomen”) face numerous concurrent cofactors for HIV acquisition and transmission including substance use, engagement in sex work, unemployment, Read more […]

On Child Protective Services, Part 5: How to Fight

There are a number of things that can be done to fight the corruption and abuses of Child Protective Services. It’s clear that the payment structure for these state agencies needs to be altered in order to take away their incentive to take children into custody unnecessarily. It’s also the case that these dollars need to be carefully allocated so that states aren’t using CPS funds in order to balance their budgets. States should be required to pay for their own services out of their own Read more […]

Why Liberals Want Ignorant Voters

Our founding fathers knew that an educated public was necessary to protect and preserve our republic. Therefore, they passed the Old Deluder Satan Law in 1647 which required towns to provide a school where reading, writing, and the Bible would be taught. Since then, progressive educational policy makers have been undermining that early view of our republic. Preserving our republic is still possible if the root of the problem is understood, if energies are focused, and if reformers are determined Read more […]