Laptop Porn for Kids on Federal Government Computers

Federal worker brought computers home from the job and let her kids watch laptop porn, then defended her decision. Bob Allen has written about how government employees caught wasting countless hours on porn at work are allowed to keep their jobs. The fact that Congress has felt the need to pass a law to halt the Federal worker porn habit tells you that it is a serious problem. So here is more evidence from the Washington Post: “Commerce official let her kids watch porn on federal computers, Read more […]

New Bill: Stop Federal Workers from Viewing Porn on the Job

Viewing porn on the job is such a big problem in government that Congress is trying to force them to stop. We already know that Federal employees can get performance awards even when it is known they have been spending two to six hours of their work day viewing porn on their work computers. So now Congress wants to do something about it. Bill Cushing writes at TechDirt: “Bill Introduced To Keep Bored Federal Employees From Viewing Porn While On The Clock.” Because federal employees Read more […]

Our Uncivil Masters; NOT Civil Servants!

The company that brought us Edward Snowden—who told us things we didn’t know—now brings us a study explaining what we did know about our government. From The federal government is headed for a crisis, a new report warns, and without reforms, a homegrown problem threatens to derail everything from foreign policy, to entitlements, to food safety. The problem is the way the government manages its more than 2 million civil servants, according to a report from the nonprofit Partnership Read more […]

Barack Obama Plays Santa Clause For Federal Workers

Barack Obama says that Federal workers have been beat up enough and shouldn’t have to take it anymore. He is raising their pay by executive order. From the Washington Post: President Obama signed an executive order Monday authorizing a 1 percent pay raise for federal employees, ending a four-year freeze in salary rates. […] Salary rates have not been increased since January 2010. Some employees have had their pay frozen during this period, while most have received raises through promotions, Read more […]

Federal Workers Get A Raise Along With Their Free Extra Paid Vacation?

In my opinion this was done by the majority in Congress and the Senate for the purpose of humiliating and denigrating the American Taxpayer: The budget measure that ended the partial government shutdown allows for a 1 percent raise for federal employees in January in addition to providing back pay for those furloughed, according to two Democratic Maryland senators. “The promise of a modest pay raise and back pay for furloughed government employees are good first steps in recognizing the value Read more […]