Obama’s Plan to End Militarization of Police Not Credible

Are reports that the President will end the militarization of the police to be trusted? I wanted to believe it but the very first sentence in this summary news report killed my ability to believe that we are really going to see anyone put a stop to the militarization of police. From Newser.com: “No More Grenade Launchers, Bayonets for Local Police.” If a police department wants to outfit itself with military equipment, it will now have to make a very strong case for why it needs to. A Read more […]

Ebola Is Not a Reason for Increased Centralized Power

The spread of the disease might be halted by increased centralized power, but it also might be spread faster. The assumptions in this USA Today story are rather obvious: As Thomas Eric Duncan’s family mourns the USA’s first Ebola death in Dallas, one question reverberates over a series of apparent missteps in the case: Who is in charge of the response to Ebola? The answer seems to be — there really isn’t one person or agency. There is not a single national response. […] “One of the Read more […]

Common Core, One Symptom of a Terminal Disease

Common Core is a single symptom of the terminal disease called federalization of education. Those who focus solely on Common Core will once again witness the educational system succumb to federal control of academic standards, curriculum, testing, student loans, teacher-preparation programs: the entire educational system. A patient will die when he insists on treating an acute cough with cold medicine when the cause of the cough is the cancer sarcoidosis. Historically, those rejecting federal Read more […]

Federal Arrogance Demonstrated by Former BLM Director

From the Salt Lake City Tribune: A conservative state lawmaker and a liberal former director of the Bureau of Land Management argued the merits of a debate that’s sweeping the West — whether states should take control of federal lands and would they manage them better. Their exchange, which included a few pointed barbs, during Wednesday’s Trib Talk may just be round one. Former BLM Director Pat Shea challenged state Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, to a formal debate at the University Read more […]

Government Spending Cuts: A triumph of FICTION over FACT (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Government Spending Cuts, we exposed the tricky techniques government uses to increase spending while claiming it is cutting. First, we exposed the fallacy of fewer bananas and more oranges.   Government buys fewer bananas, but more oranges, and issues press release saying it cut spending on bananas. In a second example we demonstrated the fallacy of a reduced wish list.  Government creates budget that are designed to increase each year.  When the actual increase is slightly Read more […]

Nullification Efforts On The Rise

States who are growing tired of the overreaching tentacles of the federal government have been enacting legislation that tells the Feds “no” on issues ranging from medical marijuana, gun control, healthcare and drivers’ licenses. The Associated Press reported that by its analysis, about four-fifths of the states have such laws: “The recent trend began in Democratic leaning California with a 1996 medical marijuana law and has proliferated lately in Republican strongholds like Kansas, where Read more […]

Alien Invasion: The “Friendly” Takeover Of Our Police

The United States has a constitution in which a Federal Government is granted powers that are distinct from the power of the states that make up the Union. It is easy to think that as long as those distinctions are legally intact, that Federalism will continue to work at the Federal, State, and local level. Don’t be naïve. Those legal distinctions mean nothing of the Federal Government has the power to offer funding that is unavailable through other sources. Since the Federal Government Read more […]

Since When are We the United State of America?

The original plan for this country was a federal, not Federalist, plan. It emphasized local government as the most important government for the individual. That plan took a slight detour with the Declaration and the Constitution, both of which included populist language (as if the national government could or should interface directly with “the people”), but, in effect, civil government even then was generally decentralized—local. What did this mean? It meant you were free. If local officials Read more […]

We Can Do Better… a Whole Lot Better

The Republicans wasted a golden opportunity when Todd Akin made his now infamous quip about “legitimate rape.” Instead of locking arms to condemn the man, they could have mentioned that the Republican Party (unlike another party whose name starts with “D-” and ends with “-emocrat”) does not value solidarity more than it loves freedom, liberty, and the wholesomeness of dissent. After all, dissent is the engine of federalism. It is the reason our country has enjoyed up until now the longest-lived Read more […]