Navy Shooter’s Drug Connection Ignored

With the media and politicians looking for something to blame for the Navy Yard shooting, the real cause may be getting overlooked. The media were quick to focus on the dreaded AR-15, the scary-looking “assault rifle” that every toddler can allegedly get his hands on — until it turned out the shooter, Aaron Alexis, hadn’t used an AR-15 but a shotgun, the kind of weapon Vice President Joe Biden recommend people buy for home defense. Marxist politicians like Sen. Dianne Feinstein are using the Read more […]

Senate Tries to Divvy Up First Amendment Rights

The Senate is considering a so-called shield law that would protect journalists from having to reveal their confidential sources when they report on the news. While on its face it may sound like a good idea, the only reason governments ever create shield laws is because they want to spell out circumstances under which they can go after people who spill the beans about government secrets and corruption. Under the First Amendment, Americans have the right to say anything they like about any piece Read more […]