Man Charged with Felony for Pointing a Banana at Police

Pointing a banana at police seems like a really stupid idea, if there was any chance that the banana could be mistaken for a gun. In fact, doing anything that could be perceived as a threat by a police officer is arguably a way to commit suicide. But it is not clear from the story that the man really expected his banana to be mistaken for a gun. [See also, “Police Point Guns at People at Massive I-270 Road Block.”] From CBS News in Colorado: “Man arrested after pointing banana Read more […]

Kansas Considers A “Punish Complainers & Silence Critics” Bill

Just to review, in Kansas you can be SWAT-raided and never be permitted to learn the basis for the warrant. This means the police can get a warrant for bogus reasons and reasonably expect that, if their victims are innocent, they will never be able to call them into an account. So naturally, the Kansas state legislature has decided to add official protections to the police so that they are still more invulnerable to public scrutiny. The bill is, thankfully, stalled at the moment, but it is Read more […]

Liberal Paragon, Bob Filner Won’t Serve Time, This Time

From the L.A. Times website about the former ruler of San Diego: Ex-Mayor Bob Filner, who left office in a scandal over allegations of sexual harassment of women, Tuesday pleaded guilty to one felony count of false imprisonment and two misdemeanor counts of battery. Under the plea agreement, Filner will not serve any time behind bars but will spend three months in home confinement, give up most of his mayoral pension and promise never to run for office again. Filner will also undergo treatment Read more […]

Convicted Rapist Misses Sentencing Hearing Twice – Ya Think?

I’ve often wondered why a person, who is just convicted of a crime, is released from jail prior to their sentencing hearing.  If they are convicted by a jury, why aren’t they put in jail immediately and kept there?  Who in their right mind would expect someone who was just convicted of felony crimes and then set free, to actually show up for their sentencing hearing? Case in point is 23 year old John Stuedle.  In November, Stuedle was convicted of 15 counts of 3rd degree rape and custodial Read more […]