Censorship is OK When Liberals Call For It

Remember times when Christians called for the banning of books that promote homosexuality or immoral sexual lifestyles?  How about when Christians tried to stop the placement of the Harry Potter books in local libraries?  Whether you agree with banning such books or not, the fact is, all Christians were lumped into the “ignorant hick” class by the liberal intelligentsia of the day. Fast forward to today in Philadelphia.  Last week, Friends’ Country School in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Read more […]

Joe Kennedy, Satanists, and the Misuse of the Establishment Clause

The story about Bremerton Washington assistant football coach Joe Kennedy and his postgame prayers has been well publicized.  We have all seen it somewhere.  Here’s a guy who doesn’t make a big deal about praying. He goes out to the field after the game, prays a very inclusive and “love your fellow man” kind of prayer, and then goes home. According to komonews.com, Kennedy has been praying before and after the games since 2008, and it only recently became a problem with the school district. Read more […]

First Amendment: Use it or Lose It

Free Expression, often referred to as “freedom of speech,” is a basic right given by United States Constitution in the First Amendment.  This freedom was fundamental to protests through our history that have changed laws that have ultimately saved lives.  Whether is was the women of the suffragette movement or the African Americans of the Civil Rights movement, the First Amendment gave all who had something to say the right to do so. But more than on picket lines and in protest marches, the Read more […]

Florida City Council: Mexican Flag OK, Gadsden Flag Must Go

The city of Ocala, Florida, is going after a local small-business man, threatening to fine him $250 to $500 per day if he doesn’t remove a Gadsden flag from the front of his knife business. Gear Barrel owner Keith Greenberg told The Blaze, “This is a shock. Honestly, I feel like this is Russia. I’ve been around the world … this is what you expect in really closed countries where there is no freedom of expression. Not here — so it’s shocking.” Greenberg said he was told by city Read more […]

The Devil Went Down to Oklahoma

The Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall is the planned venue for a September 21 public performance of a Satanic Black Mass, for which tickets are being sold at $15 apiece. The Black Mass is being staged by a Satanic cult group called Dakhma of Angra Mainyu. Recently, another group called the Satanic Temple has been lobbying to erect a statue of Baphomet — Satan with a goat’s head — in the Oklahoma state capitol as a stunt to protest the placement of a Ten Commandments monument. State Read more […]

Freedom Without Responsibility

To whom much is given, of him much is expected. Or as that famous philosopher Spider-Man put it, with great power comes great responsibility. Both statements are just ways of saying that actions have consequences, which means we are morally responsible for what we do. In our modern world, it seems that we often don’t look any farther than the tips of our own noses to see what our own actions can bring about, what we would be responsible for. This thought occurred to me while reading a Read more […]

New Year’s Coming, and Liberal Media are Going

A large part of the reason liberals have been able to maintain a chokehold on this country is that they have been able to count on the complicity of what has been laughingly termed “mainstream” media. Conservatives know from being on the receiving end of years of gut-wrenchingly bad and biased reporting that the not-even-close-to-mainstream media lean way to the left and spend most of their time trying to persuade the country that what used to be normal is now evil. (What basis the predominantly Read more […]

Memo To Supreme Court: Greece Is Not Congress

There is a suburb of the city of Rochester known as Greece, New York. Greece, New York, is governed locally by a Town Board. The Town Board of Greece, New York, is NOT the Congress of the United States. Let me repeat, the Town Board of Greece, New York, and the Congress of these United States are two separate and distinct entities.  They are, as I say, NOT the same thing. Why am I bothering to point out to you this obvious, self-evident fact? Because the implications of this one Read more […]

College Facing Lawsuit For Banning Student From Handing Out Copies Of Constitution

September 17, 2013 was Constitution Day.  It was a day designated to honor and remember the US Constitution and what it stands for and the men who wrote it.  A number of people celebrated the day by handing out copies of the US Constitution to friends, family, co-workers and strangers. Robert Van Tuinen was one of those people who is patriotic and decided to hand out free copies of the Constitution.  He happens to be a student at Modesto Community College in California and figured the campus Read more […]

Obama Bans Contract Chaplains From Performing Services

Remember when one Park Service Employee stated that they received orders to make things as difficult for people as possible?  Now the Obama administration is using the government shutdown to deny our military service men and women their constitutional rights of freedom of religion. According to the general counsel for the Archdiocese for the Military Service, USA, priests that are under contract or general schedule with the military have been banned from performing Mass, weddings, baptisms or Read more […]

Secularist Lies About Religion and the Constitution

Anti-Christian extremist groups like the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and People for the American Way hate God and America as it was founded. These “progressive” outfits – along with like-minded politicos, judges, Hollywood elitists and left-wing media-types – hate that this great nation was expressly founded upon the bedrock precepts of the Judeo-Christian tradition. And so, in response, they lash out. They endeavor first to raze our God-blessed America, and then raise, Read more […]

LGBT Bigotry: When Not Saying Anything is Saying Something

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” used to be good enough. Nope. Not anymore. In a new encyclical to Department of Justice employees intended to establish a better workplace environment for LGBT employees, supervisors are instructed, among other things: DON’T judge or remain silent. Silence will be interpreted as disapproval. That’s just one of many ridiculous DOs and DON’Ts included in what would be a hilarious document if it weren’t so disturbing. Read more […]