State-Forced Vegetarianism — It’s What’s for Dinner

The D.C. enviro-food nazis are at it again. It’s bad enough they’ve already screwed with school lunches so much that kids would rather go hungry. Not that school lunches were ever gourmet, but there was a time when a kid could at least get a decent-sized chunk of pizza smothered in mozzarella, accompanied by a fruit cup, a small dessert and a pint of milk. Now, kids are lucky if they get a piece of celery and a dollop of peanut butter with a micro-sip of juice. If our local school districts represent Read more […]

PETA Wants a Memorial to Dead Fish

An Irvine, California woman representing PETA wrote a letter to Irvine city officials asking them to erect a sign at an intersection that memorializes the death of about 1,600 pounds of saltwater bass who met their demise in a vehicle crash a couple weeks ago. A truck was transporting the live fish to a market while the bass were being kept alive by several tanks of oxygen. After the collision, which involved two other cars, the fish and oxygen tanks spilled out all over the intersection, and the Read more […]