CDC Admits Dosing Error in Fluoride Pollution Program

Fluoride pollution of drinking water as medicine was never a good idea for public health, or for American freedom. We live in a country where people are forced to take medicine by government edict. I guess, strictly speaking, putting fluoride in the public drinking water is not completely “forced,” since one could find alternative sources of drinking water—at least since bottled water became a thing. But it comes pretty close. Water is supposed to be a “public utility” that everyone Read more […]

EPA Finally Decides Industrial Waste Byproduct is Bad For Us

What’s not to love about the Environmental “Protection” Agency? In the late 40s they started dosing our municipal water supplies with fluoride, an industrial waste product and known toxin, because some people in white lab coats said that would be good for our teeth. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that aluminum industries had piles of the stuff accumulating. The EPA claims that new studies indicate that fluoride, rather than promoting dental health, actually causes streaking, Read more […]