Without Government, Who Would Incite Food Riots?

Hungry people who have nothing to eat are engaging in food riots to grab groceries. People go hungry without government. People steal for food without government. But when whole groups or a majority in a country are suddenly without means to feed themselves, that is usually a sign of “government at work.” Venezuela is providing an obvious example. As the PanAm Post reports, “Looting Sweeps Venezuela as Hunger Takes Over: 132 Incidents Tell of “Desperation and Discomfort” Sinking In.” It’s Read more […]

Sequestration 2014 Is Coming: More Crying “Wolf” & More Hostages

The propaganda mill for infinite government spending is revving up. How do you scare people this year when your scare tactics from last year are now revealed as gross exaggerations and distortions of the facts? Answer, you put the falsity of your previous claims “up front” in your news and pretend it only adds to your credibility this time. Thus, the AP teaser line of this story: “Automatic spending cuts largely barked about this year might bite in 2014.” The first year of automatic, across-the-board Read more […]

Man Fights City That Mandated He Destroy His Own Garden

“Sustainable development” sounds like it has to do with conserving the natural resources at your disposal to maximize your self-sufficiency. It sounds like it has to do with growing your own garden, raising your own animals and drawing your own water so that you don’t have to depend on the government to provide those for you. But that’s not really what they mean by “sustainable development.” It is government speak for complete government control over the environment. And it seems to be Read more […]