Government Plus Media: Double Bad Food Messages

It’s time for us all to be told how much we’re eating wrong. Of course, it turns out that the government was wrong because the guidelines have changed. But the above Associated Press story, for no apparent reason, only gives voice to one extreme critic, The Center for Science in the Public Interest. Yes, the organization has the word “science” in their name. So does Scientology, and with about as much justification. What is this organization’s track record that earned them the Read more […]

Believers In Global Warming See What They Want to Believe

Since I recently posted about government food and nutrition “science,” perhaps I should revisit bad science in another area. We are having unseasonably warm weather right now. Here is a recent Associated Press video: For at least one of the people interviewed, the weather is obviously the result of “global warming.” He complains of those who resist the belief. To Associated Press’s credit, the description of the video acknowledged the real scientific consensus: A weather pattern partly Read more […]

Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program Leads to $1 Million in Wasted Food in Two School Districts

Imagine how much waste is going on in the entire nation’s public schools! EAG News reports, “Michelle O’s lunch rules cost AR school district $1 million in wasted food.” Two Arkansas school districts estimate students throw away more than $1 million in food annually, mostly because of federal school food regulations championed by first lady Michelle Obama. The problem is among a host of issues tied to the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act and the National School Lunch Program that are plaguing Read more […]

Junk Science is the Norm for Diet Studies

Two scientists blow the whistle on how the government-diet complex is completely dependent on junk science for their dogmas. If you want to know why the stuff being imposed on school lunches and pushed by Michelle Obama seems so insane, you need to realize that modern “food science” is a joke. People often blame corporate corruption for affecting food guidelines. Others also blame vegetarian ideology (along with influence from climate change superstitions). There are cases to be made for Read more […]

Paul Krugman Declares War on Pizza

Naturally, he pretends the War on pizza is a defensive action against “partisan” pepperoni. Because Krugman is considered an intellectual leader to Liberals, you can’t simply dismiss his writings with the derision they deserve. He exists to construct rationalizations for the aggrandizement of power and the enslavement of the population. And now he’s set his gaze on the various pizzerias scattered across this great nation. He is constructing a narrative to make the Pizza into the Read more […]

College Students Refuse Meatless Monday Propaganda

Meatless Monday is propaganda to make you feel guilty for eating real food. The fundamental lie that is used to make Meatless Monday seem like a good idea is anthropogenic global warming. I don’t know if the college students who pushed back hard against the Meatless Monday campaign are outright skeptics about man-made climate change, or if they simply refuse to believe meatlessness is an essential part of dealing with that claim. But they did push back. According to “Promote Read more […]

School District Quits Michelle Obama Lunch Program

This is not the first time a school district has quit what has been promoted as the Michelle Obama lunch program, but the fact that an Illinois school district is opting out of the system tells you it is truly an intolerable food arrangement. The state’s second largest school district has started the school year with a new look for its lunch menu, after opting out of the National School Lunch Program and forfeiting nearly $1 million in federal funding, to gain more freedom in the food it serves Read more […]

School Nutrition Association “Sells Its Soul to the Devil” — Opposes Michelle Obama on School Lunch

Stanley Garnett resigned from the SNA in protest, saying, “They sold their souls to the devil.” By “devil” he meant food corporations which provide income to the SNA. While this relationship to food companies could appear to be a conflict of interest, there are more plausible reasons why the SNA completely changed their minds and reversed themselves on the new school lunches that Michelle Obama is championing. Victor Skinner explains on the EAGnews blog, SNA officials rightly point Read more […]

Edmonds School District Submits to Michelle Obama: No Birthday Food Celebrations

Michelle Obama and her entourage of Federal thugs have zero control on what kids buy and eat on their way home from school. She has zero control over how they eat at home. In fact, among lower income kids, it is virtually certain that many are growing obese on government food stamps. So her forces are actually fattening up these kids—for what end, I don’t care to guess. So, in the midst of all the rows of cheap doughnuts and chips (filled with government subsidized wheat and corn, all of which Read more […]

What Has the Government Done To Our Food?

The USDA can make a great superhero showing. They can swoop in and stop contaminated food from getting distributed and they can get food recalls underway. But this is somewhat misleading. There is a case to be made that the USDA’s job is protecting us from the damage that they cause in the first place. Baylen Linnekin described a recent example at Early last month, the USDA shuttered the lone slaughterhouse in Northern California, Rancho Feeding Corp. in Petaluma, for unspecified Read more […]

More Food Regulations Coming Our Way

What we need is more regulation, because without proper federal oversight we make all the wrong choices: spend our money indiscriminately, use too much energy, pollute the planet, eat the wrong things and generally misbehave. Basically, we are what’s wrong with this country. And how is all this misbehavior measured? Well, by “independent nonpartisan studies.” A recent study looked into food expiration dates. The study of food expiration dates was conducted by Harvard Law School. Law school? Read more […]

Alert: Complimenting Black Cuisine Is Now Racist

There was a time when I was sick of hearing accusations of racism because they had become so commonplace, what with anti-racism being such a big career booster in politics. Now, whenever I hear that there is a new “racist” scandal, I actually get giddy. For this reason, a part of me truly adores liberals; they are the ones who have trivialized racism to the point of its becoming a hilarious joke. For that I thank them. The racism story du jour involves two Colorado politicians, both women, Read more […]