Obama Is So Full of Skeet

During the campaign season, analysts and reporters constantly needled Mitt Romney for being, or at least seeming, “out of touch with working class America.” Presumably this was because he is rich, though they never mentioned just how wealthy Obama is. I suppose that, in contrast, they were touting Obama as a “man of the people.” But honestly, I think this characterization was and is false. Obama is not in touch with what America was or is. He is in touch only with what he is making America Read more […]

Many High School Athletes Can’t Pronounce “Eligibility”

In Texas, last year’s 5A High School Football Championship was won by a majority minority populated school with an “academically unacceptable” school ranking. Apparently “no pass, no play” has become a myth in our public education system and now athletic eligibility guidelines have been all but gutted to protect failing minority student participation in extracurricular activities. The 2011 Texas High School Football Champions were students at DeKaney High School which is located in the Read more […]