Michigan Crony Capitalism: Secret Spending

A crony capitalism agency of the Michigan state government has hidden their expenses on their own authority. It is pretty amazing that our state governments pretend that taking taxpayer money and giving it to huge corporations is in the public interest and the legitimate power of the state. But it is even more amazing when such a department of crony capitalism (i.e. pseudo-capitalism) makes its work—which is allegedly so good for the economy—a state secret. Back in 2009, the Michigan Economic Read more […]

Big Brother Drives Your Car! New Vehicle Forces You to Obey the Speed Limit

When Big Brother drives, he isn’t just controlling you; he is attacking the American heritage. When I learned to drive, the national speed limit was still 55 miles per hour. It is impossible to explain to my children, whom I am now teaching to drive, the stupidity of the regime that we then served under. Indeed, we served time under it—endless time, seemingly, spent driving on a highway system built to easily accommodate speeds over seventy miles per hour. It was a disgusting, not only Read more […]

Shocker: Hybrids Aren’t as Great as They Pretend to Be

This should surprise no one. In theory, if energy is too expensive, then private companies have an incentive to research ways to make more energy-efficient vehicles so they can sell them. But there is nothing free-market about the current push to make cars use less gas. It is all a government campaign. Even when the government is not using incentives or regulations, the fact is that the car companies know it is in their best interests to keep politicians happy. So they push for unrealistic Read more […]