Obama Who? Putin Shows His Contempt for U.S. ‘Leader’

When Barack Obama first ran for president, one of his major promises was to “repair” America’s image around the world, which liberals thought was greatly damaged by standing up to Muslim terrorists. Since then, Obama has repaired America’s image all right. He’s repaired the hell out of it. If there was any doubt about America’s standing in the world’s sight, all you’d have to do is listen to the recent interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin on CNBC during a St. Petersburg economic conference. The Read more […]

Obama’s Bumbling Handing Egypt Over to Russia

So the great liberal hope, Barack Obama, who was going to bring peace to the world with a smile and an apology, has instead lost us the entire Middle East. That’s what it’s looking like as the Egyptian military steps up and goes toe to toe with the Muslim Brotherhood’s church-burning, human-shield-using mob. The death toll now that the army has begun using bullets is already around a hundred or more, and the military government is considering banning the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s the same Read more […]

Senator Paul To Hillary Clinton: If I Were President, I Would Have Fired You

When Senator Rand Paul asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton whether the U.S. was funneling weapons to Turkey or any other country through the annex in Libya, she played dumb. “To Turkey?” she asked, acting bewildered. “I will have to take that question for the record. Nobody has ever raised that with me.” She pretended like she had never heard of such a ridiculous theory. Besides, how would she know and what difference does it make anyway? She told the Senator to take the issue up Read more […]

The Final Debate!

In the week leading up to the third debate between then-Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain in 2008, Obama’s approval, according to RealClearPolitics’ national polling average at the time, was a sturdy 7.2 percent higher than McCain’s. For a trifecta of debate victories, Obama, according to a post-debate Gallup/USA Today poll, was seen as the winner of that third and final debate, with 56 percent having that opinion and only 30 percent believing McCain to have been the winner. (In Read more […]