Public Land: Government Hijacks Un-owned Property

Of course, the government claims that public land is owned because the government claims to own the land in trust for the “public.” But holding the land for “everyone” turns out to be the same as owning it for one’s own selfish interests. In order to claim ownership of land, people normally have to do something with it. This is commonly called “homesteading.” Governments have never recognized this limitation. When the Spanish explorer who reached the Pacific Ocean claimed the Read more […]

New Mexico Opens Up Federal Land Against Will of Federal Forest Service

Looks like the Bundy-effect is spreading faster than MERS. Let freedom ring… let the Feds sulk! From the Washington Times: “State officials slap feds: New Mexico board orders Forest Service fence opened.” A New Mexico county board on Monday instructed the local sheriff to open the Forest Service gates blocking thirsty cattle from reaching water, setting up a clash with federal agents over state water rights and endangered species. The Otero County Commission voted 2-0, with one commissioner Read more […]