Oil Company Stops Drilling without Environmentalists Forcing a Halt

An oil company already has market incentives to not drill too much and to preserve resources for the future. An oil company stopped drilling in the Arctic. Environmentalists rejoiced. But this shows us something about resource management. According to The Associated Press, “Shell ceases Alaska Arctic drilling, cites disappointing results from exploratory well.” Royal Dutch Shell will cease exploration in Arctic waters off Alaska’s coast following disappointing results from an exploratory Read more […]

Barack Obama Doubling Down on the Solyndra Model

Liberals think the next Solyndra will work if only the President enacts enough regulations. The only lesson Liberals in power are capable of “learning,” it seems, is that they didn’t use enough power the last time they failed. If they had only found a way to provide more money, regulate more strictly, tax more heavily, or exercise more power in some other way, then all their plans would succeed. Failures never teach them that their plans were wrong but only that they need to try again with Read more […]

New Yorkers Want to Secede from New York

Fifteen towns are reporting interest in how they might secede from prohibitions on hydraulic fracturing and high taxes. Here’s the report from WBNG 12 Action News: “Southern Tier towns looking to cut NY ties.” [See also, “Some Hawaiians Side with Secession instead of Federal Money.”] The local economy is pushing one organization in Upstate New York to pose a question: Is it possible to secede to Pennsylvania? The Upstate New York Towns Association is researching this very topic. Read more […]

Obama Administration Helps Saudi Oil by Hampering Shale

Saudi oil will probably face less competition in the future thanks to new EPA rules. Thanks to the new technology of fracking, there has been new investment in shale oil in the United States. As a result of this increase in natural gas, the price of oil has tumbled. This will slow down new natural gas development because developing such fuel sources only makes economic sense when oil is above a certain price point. But the ability of new investment to develop new sources of natural gas could Read more […]

“Drill, Baby, Drill!” Sarah Palin Vindicated Again!

Barack Obama shows how Sarah Palin understood reality better than he does. In 2012, candidate and President Barack Obama decided to argue against the Republicans on energy. As the Daily Caller reports: it was just two years ago that President Obama said “we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices” in a speech bashing Republican calls for more drilling. “Last week, the lead of one news story said, ‘Gasoline prices are on the rise, and Republicans are licking their chops,’” Obama Read more […]

Russia Secretly Sponsoring Anti-Fracking Campaigns?

I’m not too angry at the Russian government because 1) I already didn’t think too highly of the Russian government and 2) I know our government finances a lot of subversive activity over there. But it is important to know this when you hear confident claims against fracking—the new method of acquiring shale gas. According to the Telegraph, Russia is secretly working with environmental groups campaigning against fracking in an attempt to maintain Europe’s dependence on energy imports from Moscow, Read more […]

Hollywood Conspires with Saudis to Produce Propaganda Against American Energy

Would Hollywood mega-stars, and movers and shakers, be willing to sell out the United States and her economic well-being for Arab cash, and a bogus environmental cause? Why, yes… yes, apparently they have no problem with that. Ed Begley, Jr., Mariel Hemingway, award-winning producer/director… exposed. James O’Keefe Premieres “Expose: Hollywood’s War on US Energy” at Cannes Hollywood celebrities caught on hidden camera accepting money from “Middle Eastern oil interests” In a blockbuster Read more […]

NY Film Festival Turns Away Critics of Documentary

Dr. Ted Baehr Is the Tribeca Film Festival shutting out viewers who don’t agree with the messages of its documentaries? Phelim McAleer, a journalist at the premiere of GASLAND II, a documentary critical of the fracking process of extracting natural gas, says he was turned away at the door Sunday afternoon after asking some hard-hitting questions on the red carpet, the New York Times reported . In a video featured on Fox News, McAleer states he asked some “pointed” questions on the Read more […]