Freddie Gray and The Price of Rebellion against God

The whole city of Baltimore was on edge last week as the judge declared a mistrial of the first officer tried in the death of Freddie Gray. “The police department canceled leave for all officers this week while [the mayor] opened an emergency operations center and pleaded for calm.” The jury for officer Porter’s trial had a tough job determining who might share responsibility in the death of Gray. You can be fined for failing to wear your seatbelt, but Freddie Gray was not buckled in Read more […]

Baltimore Prosecutor Requested Police Focus on Area Where Freddie Gray was Arrested

How can Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby try a case in which her own actions are part of the issue at trial? While we don’t know yet how the trial will play out in the Freddie Gray death, recent news about a factor that might have led to the arrest of Freddie Gray is worth pondering. As background, you may remember the claims that Freddie Gray should never have been arrested and that his knife was legal (the question of the legality of the knife is probably intentionally ambiguous). According Read more […]

The Freddie Gray Knife: Illegal or Legal?

The ambiguity over the Freddie Gray knife reveals a national problem. Is it legal to carry a knife in your state or your city? I have found it really hard to get a sure answer to that question. Every kid (especially every boy; sorry gender egalitarians) wants to own a good knife. Many of the favorite ones are folding knives that might have a blade that easily opens with only using one hand. (I’ve always preferred a fixed blade myself, despite the extra length involved in carrying one.) But Read more […]

The Claim of Racist Police Doesn’t Explain Freddie Gray

Joan Walsh pushed the racist police explanation by claiming that everyone knows that black cops are under the control of white cops. I have complained before about alleged police brutality issues being smudged into race issues. The Freddie Gray story is another example of how making the issue primarily about racism doesn’t fit with the facts . Of the six policemen accused of wrongdoing, three are white and three are black. This has given us some interesting rationalizations by Liberals. Conservative Read more […]

We Don’t Know Right Verdict for Freddie Gray Prosecutions

Police union pushes back on Freddie Gray prosecutions. This we know: Freddie Gray is dead. Beyond this, we can have suspicions but we don’t know anything. I was reminded of this when I read NBC News on the police union reaction: “Officers Charged in Freddie Gray’s Death ‘Did Nothing Wrong’: Attorney.” Gene Ryan, a union official, wrote in a statement that “they are all committed police officers who have dedicated their careers to the Baltimore City Police Department.” “All that Read more […]

How the Freddie Gray Family Showed Real Character

It takes real character to refuse to join a mob when you are grief-stricken about a loved one’s death, which is what we see in the Freddie Gray family. I’m not suggesting that it is somehow especially worthy to refuse to endorse mob violence. Everyone should have enough moral sense to condemn lawless rioting. But I would think that the family of Freddie Gray might have been tempted to keep silent, since the riots are against the police (in some sense; I’m not sure how destroying private Read more […]