Colorado Supreme Court Makes Wrong Decision on Marijuana

The Colorado Supreme Court affirms freedom for businesses, but only under Government Control. I don’t know that I agree with the way Dish Network treated their former employee Brandon Coats. In fact, it seems kind of cruel to me, if it is true that Coats had a real medical need. According to the Denver Post, Coats became quadriplegic in a car accident and used marijuana to control leg spasms. He had a medical marijuana card and consumed pot off-duty. He was fired in 2010 after failing a random Read more […]

To Fight Discrimination, Two Mayors Ban Indiana

No one must be permitted to decide with whom they do business, so two mayors tell city employees they must ban Indiana from their travel. Indiana’s state affirmation of the First Amendment continues to be attacked as a bill legalizing “discrimination.” I guess this means that the people who attack Indiana in this inaccurate way must really hate discrimination. They must believe that you must never refuse to do business with someone or some group on the basis of any moral problems you Read more […]

Gov’t To Force Private Business To Hire People It Does’t Want To

A high-class restaurant in Chicago is being sued for allegedly failing to hire black people in their ten restaurants. Ann Henry, a trial lawyer at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), said, “Rosebud…discriminated against African American applicants by failing to hire them to work at their restaurants, so that’s the basis for our suit.” (For the record, Rosebud denies the claim, but whether it’s true or not is irrelevant, as I shall explain.) The basis of their suit, to rephrase Read more […]

Cato Shows Libertarian Weirdness On Homosexual “Marriage”

In New Mexico, a Christian business, Elane Photography is being persecuted for refusing to do business with a same-sex couple, declining to take pictures of their so-called, state-backed “wedding.” Why did a homosexual pair want to use a Christian photographer in the first place? It looks like a transparent attempt to set a precedent and instill the fear of Satan in the hearts of Christian businesses. The New Mexico Human Rights [sic] Commission is being used as the thought police. Elane Photography Read more […]