Why Won’t Republicans Advocate Free Market Healthcare?

Instead of advocating free market healthcare, we get tax credit or tax deduction schemes that don’t get to the root of the problem. Liberals are constantly railing against Republicans for deregulating. Wouldn’t it be nice if their attacks were accurate? Daniel Payne writes at the Federalist under the headline, “GOP Obamacare Replacements Keep The Feds Front And Center.” As Megan McArdle recently reported, both Scott Walker and Marco Rubio recently released their plans for repealing Read more […]

Teachable Moment: Whole Foods Wants to Sell to Poor People

The fact that Whole Foods wants to expand their market into poorer neighborhoods like Englewood in Chicago should tell you something about how businesses work. There are statements made in this marvelous story in the Washington Post’s Wonkblog that make me uneasy. The shameful presence of food stamps is one thing. I also don’t like the fact that an area with an Aldi in it got labeled a “food desert.” That seems like a snobbish designation more than an identification of a real problem. Read more […]

The Alternative To Obamacare Is Freedom

This is a very good article on health care, in the light of the Obamacare disaster. I’ve heard so many say: “Well, at least they tried… the Republicans never even suggested a good alternative!!” OK, so this article shows the way forward… and in this couple of lines makes clear that the currently broken system was not a “failure of the free-market,” but rather a growing mess brought on by a Century of stupid government intervention in medical care. Like many people, I had a passing interest Read more […]

Osama Bin Laden Wanted To Liberate Obama From Capitalism

Poignant, powerful, educational. Must see. Robert Sirico completely nails it, when he describes the dark impulses behind the economics destroying America today: envy, sloth, pride. The root problem in America is not political, economic, or social. The root problem is moral and spiritual. The root problem, is that we don’t love each other, and have suppressed who we are, and Whose we are. The solution, is to recover those truths. The solution, is the Good News Jesus of Nazareth proclaimed Read more […]

It Shouldn’t Matter If The CEO-To-Average-Worker Pay Ratio Is 475 To 1

I came across an image online that purports to show the ratio-of-pay of CEOs to that of the “average workers” of different countries. I say “purports” because there is no citation of the sources used to make the image, but I write this with the assumption that it is all true. At the top of the graph is Japan, with a CEO-to-average-worker-pay ratio of 11:1. In the ninth-place spot is Venezuela with a ratio of 50:1. And in the country following that, in the tenth-place spot, the ratio jumps Read more […]

The Greater Depression

You can’t say we haven’t been warned. Despite the high debt price tag resulting from the government intervention and arbitrary price controls designed to “spur the economy” during the American Great Depression, modern politicians on both sides of the aisle are more than willing to repeat the same mistakes. Interestingly, just as Herbert Hoover is blamed by leftist historians (but I repeat myself) for leading us into the Depression with his so-called free-market policies, so is George W. Bush Read more […]

Tax Payers and Tax Eaters

It is often argued that we need to have government intervention in economics and business because the rich will keep getting richer otherwise. On the face of it, this may seem to make sense, but the reality of it is far from true: the rich do not always get richer. In fact, the only scenario where the rich will always get richer is with government intervention. Only when the rich are subject to the same free market risks and rewards as everyone else can there be true equity. Lew Rockwell writes: There Read more […]

The All-American Entitlement Mentality

John Stossel’s newest article is a welcome addition to the conservative/libertarian arsenal. Entitled “Government Gone Bad,” Stossel makes the point that laws rarely improve life. In fact, he argues, it is a difficult task to convince the average voter that fewer laws are actually better. Most voters, Stossel says, are under the impression that when laws are being passed, government is “doing something.” And when government is doing “something,” they are fulfilling the civic duty for Read more […]

Democrats’ Death Tax Hike Could Kill Half Million Farms

More than half a million family farms could be threatened with insolvency when a death tax increase rammed through the Senate by Harry Reid and the Democrats goes into effect, according to an analysis by the Senate Republican Policy Committee. That’s about a quarter of all the farms in America, according to the Washington Examiner. The tax hike raises the rate on family estates by a whopping 20 percent, from 35 percent to 55 percent. It also lowers the exemption threshold from $5.1 million Read more […]

Media Celebrate Jobless Numbers as Labor Force Shrinks

The economy added 146,000 jobs in November, bringing unemployment down to 7.7 percent, the lowest rate since December 2008. Yahoo. The media and the Obama Administration want you to believe things are getting better, but the ignored facts of the latest jobless report show a population growing faster than the economy, and a rapidly dwindling labor force. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the population grew by 191,000 people in November, 45,000 more than the number of jobs Read more […]

Betting on Romney

Yet another indicator of the rising star of Mitt Romney is the most recently released information from the online predicting source, Intrade. What makes the Intrade info so important is that it is not based on any public polling or leading question media survey. It is strictly based on where real people are laying real money. Like the Halloween mask numbers, Intrade is not based on pundit speculation or political posturing; the numbers measure the reaction of the free market. Like any trading Read more […]